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Zoe Kravitz on relationship with Channing Tatum: ‘He’s a great person’

To Becca Longmire.

Zoe Kravitz opens up about relationship with Channing Tatum in new interview GQ.

The actress met Tatum during the casting of her movie Pussy Island, and claimed that the pair naturally hit it off.

She said, “He’s a great human being. He makes me laugh. We love art, we love talking about art and exploring why we do what we do.” .

“We love watching movies, breaking it down, talking about it and challenging each other.”

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The synopsis for “Pussy Island” reads as follows:

“When she deftly slips into the King’s entourage and eventually into an intimate gathering on his private island, she’s ready for the trip of a lifetime. Spectacular surroundings, beautiful people, Despite the constant flow of champagne and late-night dance parties, Frida can sense that there’s more to this island than meets the eye: something she can’t put her finger on. That’s horrible.”

Zoe Kravitz. Credit: Steven Klein/GQ

Kravitz credits Tatum for being there for her during her most stressful moments while directing the film.

She told the magazine:

“If we can do something like that together, I think it’s a good test. And we’re even stronger.”

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Kravitz added that photos of Pup bouncing around on the back of a bicycle are circulating. Then you don’t even have to think about what the world thinks about it. “

Kravitz has also spoken out about his marriage to Karl Glusmann. The pair tied the knot in 2019 before filing for divorce 18 months later.

“I started thinking about who I am and what I want,” explains Kravitz.

“You met a wonderful person and want to marry you. There is nothing wrong with that. If nothing is wrong, why not do it? is to

“It’s a tough question to ask yourself: ‘Maybe I don’t want what I’m supposed to want: marriage, kids, all of that. I don’t know if I want that. Especially women. It’s an uncomfortable question to ask yourself.”

Read the full interviewZoe Kravitz always landsBy Gabriella Paiella of GQ’s December issue and GQ.com.

Zoe Kravitz on relationship with Channing Tatum: ‘He’s a great person’

Source link Zoe Kravitz on relationship with Channing Tatum: ‘He’s a great person’

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