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Winners and losers of the US World Championship Trial

Top American runners and sprinters landed in Eugene, Oregon over the weekend to form a US World Championship team. If you missed action on the track, here’s an overview of weekend winners and losers.


Melissa Jefferson

Jefferson got rid of the biggest turmoil on the weekend and won the women’s 100m in the tailwind 10.69 seconds (+2.9 m / s). Jefferson, a third-year student at Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, finished eighth at 100 meters in the 2022 NCAA Outdoor Championship two weeks ago. She was the second fastest qualifying from the heat and was placed in the middle lane in the final.

Melissa Jefferson 100 meters at the USATF Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Hayward Field.Photo: Kevin Morris

Jefferson won the US Trial 100 meters and was automatically selected for the US team at the next World Championships.

Sydney McLaughlin

Olympic champion and world record holder Sydney McLaughlin goes bankrupt Her world record At the US trial on Saturday night. She ran 51.41 seconds, broke her previous record of 51.46 and managed to defend the US title.

Sydney McLaughlin set a new world record at 400mH in the USATF Outdoor Track and Field Championships.Photo: Kevin Morris

McLaughlin played alone after the first 100m, didn’t look back and broke the rest of the field in almost two seconds. She will be the woman who wins in the 400mH in the world.

Grant Fisher

Many athletics fans were very much looking forward to the Fisher entering the 5,000m. American record at 10,000 meters This spring. Fisher managed the pressure perfectly and won the men’s race from start to finish with a record time of 13: 03.86.

Grant Fisher at the USA Track & Field Men’s 5,000m.Photo: Kevin Morris

This performance gives Fisher confidence and then challenges the world’s best players over 5 meters and 10,000 meters in three weeks.

Emma Coburn

The 31-year-old 2017 World Champion comfortably won her 10th US Obstacle Course title at 9: 10.63. Coburn left the field in the last two laps and won her national title for the eighth consecutive year.

She has won medals in the last two world championships, a gold medal in 2017, and a silver medal in 2019 to her American compatriot Courtney Frerich.


Sha’Carri Richardson

Richardson failed Participate in the final After discussing setting a world record on Twitter, at 100m and 200m for girls. The 22-year-old Sprinter performed best in the season at the Pre-Classic and New York Grand Prix and successfully participated in the US trial.

She avoided talking to the media 100 meters later and told reporters 200 meters later. “Reporters need to respect the player more, whether they win or lose,” she said.

Richardson has not yet announced if he intends to compete in other races this season.

Call hooker

Hocker led the men’s 1500m heat from the start on Thursday night, but eventually lacked a famous kick and ended up in 6th place at 3: 39.25. After finishing sixth in Tokyo last summer, great expectations were placed on a 21-year-old professional from Indianapolis.

Hocker agent Ray Flynn Indianapolis star The runner has been fighting an injury for the past 3 weeks and has been training on a bike for the past 12 days. No injuries were identified, but the hocker, who was supposed to run the men’s 5000m, did not start.

Christian Coleman

Coleman showed off his talent in the men’s 100m heat and semi (10.07 and 9.87) before not playing in the finals.Because Coleman is defending 100m world championHe receives an automatic bid for the 2022 World Curling Championships.

Christian Coleman speaks to the press at the USATF Outdoor Athletics Championships.Photo: Kevin Morris

The dropout was unexpected from Coleman as he said he wanted to race more before the world earlier this month. Coleman has won a 60-meter silver medal at the 2022 World Indoor Championships in Serbia since returning from the ban.

Gabby Thomas

The two Olympic medalists looked good in the 200m heat, but couldn’t make it into the top three in the final. She crossed the line in 8th place at 22.47.

Prior to the 200m final, she announced on her Twitter page that she was fighting a hamstring injury.Current NCAA 200m Champion Abby Steiner Won 200m in 21.77 personal best and world-leading time.

Winners and losers of the US World Championship Trial

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