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Why Must Online Casinos in Canada Have Wagering Requirements?

It should come as no surprise that most online casinos will reward their players with advantageous match bonuses as soon as they are ready to deposit. However, one needs to pay close attention to the fine print and look for what an online casino refers to as “wagering requirements.” Online casinos will also use the terms rollover or playthrough requirements in some cases. Securing the highest possible deposit bonus match might not be the most lucrative strategy if the wagering conditions are not advantageous. Keep reading to discover what wagering requirements are, why they exist, and the most effective approach to clear them.

Wagering Requirements Explained

Wagering, playthrough, or rollover requirements are the number of times you need to wager the bonus awarded by an online casino before the funds are converted to withdrawable cash. In some cases, the wagering requirements might be placed on either the extra balance awarded by the casino or on the entire bonus balance, which will include your initial deposit. The exact wagering requirements will depend on the online casino you play at and differ based on their current promotions. The most common wagering at casinos requirement, which can also be considered advantageous, will hover around the x30 mark. Going above x40 and in the x60 territory will make it harder to clear the bonus. Keep in mind that some casinos might also place time restrictions on the bonuses. You will have anywhere between one week and one month to finish wagering.

No Wagering Online Casinos

There are better alternatives out there, as some online casinos will have under x10 wagering requirements or no wagering at all. In this platform, you will most likely receive free spins, and you can immediately withdraw all the winnings resulting from them. We have selected some of the best no wagering online casinos canada, with exciting video slots and fantastic promotions. If you play poker or bet on sport events at the casinos featured above, you will have an easier time managing your gambling bankroll.

Why Does Wagering in Canada Exist?

First and foremost, an online casino is a business that must make a profit if they want to remain open. When a casino offers gamblers a lucrative bonus balance, they gain notoriety. Famous casinos are far more likely to attract gamblers in a competitive gambling market like Canada. Offering competitive bonus deals will diminish their profits. Instead, they will use restrictions, such as wagering requirements, to counteract that. Other possible restrictions will limit how much a gambler can wager on a single spin or how much they can withdraw.

On top of that, casinos allowed to operate in Canada, one of the largest gambling markets in the world, must also be aware of anti-money laundering laws. These laws, also known as AML practices, ensure that criminals cannot simply deposit dirty money and immediately withdraw clean funds, and that’s where wagering requirements become a helpful tool. Wagering requirements also deter gamblers from abusing the system by claiming deals from more than one casino. Bonus hunting is another practice that casinos want to avoid, as it stops them from keeping the gamblers engaged.

Other Bonus Restrictions

Maximum Bet

Another common practice among online gambling websites is to limit the maximum wager when playing with a bonus balance. Such restrictions will be visible within the bonus terms and conditions, and the most common limit will be CAD 5 per spin or CAD 0.5 per bet line. Going above the limit can result in having your bonus balance voided. The best-case scenario would have the bet not count towards the wagering requirements. You should check both the individual bonus terms and conditions and the general terms and conditions.

Win Restrictions

Any casino in Canada might also restrict how much you can withdraw from a bonus. Such restrictions are most common when you receive a no-deposit bonus or free spins when you register a new account. The limits on freebies are usually around CAD 100, which is still a great deal given that you are not risking any of your cash. Sometimes deposit bonuses can also have restrictions on how much money you can cash out, but they usually reach thousands of dollars.


We hope that we have clarified most of the questions that you might have had about bonus wagering requirements. Pay close attention to the bonus terms and conditions to ensure a successful gambling session. You want to secure a bonus without any wagering requirements and a maximum of x30. It is also imperative to verify that the bonus promotion does not have restrictions on the maximum bet or maximum withdrawal amounts. The best strategy to clear the wagering requirements will be to play a high volatility game until you get a decent win. Afterward, you can switch to a lower volatility title until you clear the wager.


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