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Why Love Is Blind’s Nancy Is Happy

Hindsight is 20/20. love is blind.

Bertis Bowden When Nancy Rodriguez We saw their relationship fall apart in Season 3 of the Netflix dating show when Burtis turned down a marriage to Nancy on their wedding day. Now the pair explain how on earth things got so confusing doing.

“Our relationship completely changed halfway through,” Nancy told E! EXCLUSIVELY. news. “I told him I was going to say ‘no’ two weeks after coming to Dallas. He said, ‘Give me another chance. I want to turn things around.’

Bartise revealed that he hadn’t made up his mind until they got to the altar, but claimed that it made it difficult for Nancy to feel confident in their relationship.

“Both answers were likely on our wedding day,” Burtis told E! EXCLUSIVELY. news. “We both felt it. Nancy told me bluntly before the wedding that she was going to say ‘no’ to me. I encouraged them to remember the pod.”

Why Love Is Blind’s Nancy Is Happy

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