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What’s the Big Deal with Canvas Prints?

The decor in your room reflects your personality, it is your spirit’s perfect representation. Room decor is vital to make your living space truly personal and welcoming. The right wall art has a strong effect on your everyday life and makes your home look striking as well! So what should you choose? Why not go off the beaten track and dress up your walls with canvas prints – a revolutionary print format that has already captured the hearts of photographers and designers all over the world?

So What Is a Canvas Print?

Let’s start with the basics – a canvas print is a photo reproduction of any kind of digital picture, printed on a piece of canvas fabric and stretched over inner frame. It’s a unique print format that is inspired by old paintings (painted on canvas!) and the design of contemporary gallery exhibits.

Canvas prints have been around for some time, but they are still somewhat of a niche product for true connoisseurs of high-quality design. So someone without extensive knowledge in the printing and home décor industry might ask – why choose canvas prints? Will they go well with my current décor scheme and the furniture? Will they look nice on my wall? Isn’t it excessively expensive?

How about we settle this once and for all by providing the answers to any questions you could have. Canvas prints are arguably one the best wall art formats and here are the reasons why!

Canvas Prints are Classy Yet Modern

Most likely, you won’t be changing your room’s décor every few months. But at the same time, you’ll want your wall art to remain attractive and modern without looking dated, right? Well, in this case, canvas prints are just the perfect wall art format for you. Inspired by classic artworks and produced with the 21st-century technology, they combine the best of the past and present. Their timeless look and quaint design make canvas prints ideal for anyone seeking sophisticated wall décor that can effortlessly fit into any interior.

Canvas Prints Work as Statement Pieces or Small Décor Accents

We totally love this thought of utilizing a bare wall to hang the prints, however, you aren’t bound to stick to it. You can try different approaches to your canvas wall art display – some people prefer large and ultra large prints and use them as statement pieces for large rooms and completely bare walls; others tend to go for smaller canvas prints that can be displayed in clusters and can find their way even in modestly sized rooms. You just need to come up with the wall art arrangement that’s right for your home and select the best photos for printing.

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Canvas Prints Deliver Superior Quality

These days, it’s possible to print digital photos on canvas in high definition, without losing a single pixel in the process. Blurred images and pixelated backgrounds? You can forget about them. Moreover, the most reliable printing providers ensure automatic picture measurement – once you upload your image on their website, the system automatically measures the image’s size and selects the print formats suitable for the specific picture. The result – an amazingly vivid photo reproduction, printed with cutting-edge technology using carefully selected materials.

Available in Different Sizes

Canvas prints are available in a wide range of formats, from miniature 5×5”” canvases to positively majestic panoramic sizes. The trick here is whether you want to display a solitary statement piece or a whole timeline or storyline with multiple prints displayed next to each other.

Canvas Prints Boast Better Colors and Appearance

When it comes to color reproduction and overall look, canvas prints much outperform standard photo prints. Thanks to the textured surface and the thickness of the fabric, the color absorption in canvas is obviously superior to that of paper, giving canvas printsa more vibrant look and making every pixel of your digital photo burst with color on the reproduction.

Canvas prints are also superior when it comes to the visual representation of the picture. Unlike paper-flat posters or standard photo prints that need additional framing, canvas prints are wrapped over inner frame that supports the fabric from the inside and gives unparalleled substantiality to the print itself. Hang canvas prints on the wall or lean them against it – whatever option you choose, you are bound to have a statement décor piece.

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Canvas Prints Look Great in Gallery Walls

Canvas prints are truly versatile – you can display them on their own, alone or in clusters or mix and match with other print formats.Imagine a fully-fledged gallery wall where canvas prints, frames, postcards and other interesting objects make a coherent whole and tell a meaningful story. The center of the wall is occupied by a large framed photo surrounded by a set of matching canvas prints while other elements sprawl across the wall in a freestyle arrangement. Sounds good? There is no reason not to try this DIY décor project in your own home.

Canvas Prints are More Affordable Than You Think

Last but not least, canvas prints are classified as economy wall art – or, more precisely, economy-premium wall art. What’s economy-premium? Let’s put it this way – the economy-premium product class strikes to achieve a tricky balance between expensive luxury solutions and simple budget alternatives.

You can compare economy-premium canvas prints to photo posters – while both make great wall décor, canvas prints definitely look more elegant and expensive than posters. However, you needn’t break the bank to decorate your home with canvas prints, because these days discount printing companies – BestCanvas.ca, for example – deliver excellent quality at more than affordable prices. BestCanvas.ca relies on streamlined production and economies of scale to offer its customers high-quality prints at factory prices.

So if you’re tempted to start experimenting with this new print format, why not test discount canvas prints and discover for yourself how economy-premium wall art can transform practically any photo into a work of art?

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