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What Will Be The Top Virtual Reality Entertainment Trends In 2023?

Virtual reality – or augmented reality, as it is also commonly called – is being dubbed by some as the future of entertainment, and as technology goes from strength to strength, this pronouncement doesn’t seem particularly unlikely. 

With the creation of holograms and other innovations that have already proven successful, it can be thrilling to ponder the future VR developments that could soon be entertaining us in the year to come. 

With that thought in mind, here are some potential virtual reality trends that will probably be taking us by storm in 2023. 

Virtual reality glasses for instant immersion

While many people enjoy virtual entertainment such as online art classes, checking social media sites, or trying online gambling at reputable sites such as Rizk Casino, there are probably plenty of others who crave something a little more science fiction-inspired. 

Being able to pop on a pair of augmented reality glasses whenever you want a break from the mundane world around you may seem like fantasy but it could soon become a genuine option. Augmented reality contact lenses have already been created and debuted in Saratoga, California, and Apple seems well on the way to creating its own pair of VR glasses. 

Meanwhile, Meta has already revealed plans for its mixed reality Cambria headset, although the hefty price tag of this piece of tech entertainment is likely to exclude the majority of hopeful buyers. Still, watch this space – while Meta’s offering may be too pricey, affordable augmented reality glasses could be a thing of the near future. 

AR for mobiles

Perhaps you have already seen augmented reality headsets being used, or perhaps you have enjoyed one of those fairground simulator rides that triggers a giddy blend of nausea and excitement. While most of us can’t afford or don’t have access to virtual reality headsets, it seems possible that mobile developers could soon be tapping into this gap in the market and producing their own. 

For instance, Apple recently revealed it will be adding a range of thrilling new features to its ARKit 6 upgrade. Among them is a special motion capture function that allows you to create a 3D model of a person by focusing your camera on them and acquiring data from their motions. There is also the people occlusion feature which allows you to introduce virtual reality objects into a scene that is being captured on your camera. 

Samsung and Google are also working on their own augmented reality innovations; however, the current limitations of Android phones mean it could be a while before Android users can enjoy virtual reality entertainment on their mobile devices. 

Augmented reality shopping trips 

For some of us, shopping is a necessary chore, but for others, it can be a source of genuine pleasure and entertainment. Augmented reality can help make the experience even more thrilling, by providing virtual reality opportunities to try on different items of clothing or shoes. Dior has already pioneered its own AR shoe fittings, so it’s surely only a matter of time before other fashion houses follow suit and augmented reality shopping becomes a thing of the present rather than the future in 2023. 


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