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What Is the Strongest Eyelash Extension Glue?

Looking for high quality eyelash extensions glue?

Glue is one of the most important supplies on which depends the service life and comfort in wearing of the lash extensions.

Read in our article, what features this product should have, and where it can be purchased at an affordable price.

What Is the Strongest Glue for Eyelashes?

Here are the top 3 main features of the strongest eyelash extensions glue:

  1. Coupling speed

The coupling speed of glue directly affects the service life of lash extensions.

If you are a beginner, you’d better purchase glue with a fixation speed of 3-5 seconds. If you have been working in this field for a long time, try products that have faster coupling speed.

  1. Composition

The composition plays an important role, as it affects the duration and safety of lash extensions wearing. Make sure that there are no parabens, formaldehydes or other allergy-provoking components in the product you have selected.

While the extension procedure glue should not emit too much vapor, because it is not safe for health.

Choose certified products: this way you will save yourself and your customers from unpleasant consequences.

  1. Reviews

If you have recently changed the glue to a new one, ask the reviews of your customers about the state of lash extensions after visiting the pool or using oil cosmetics.

A good product should not reduce the quality of its fixation after contact with water or oils. It will allow you to wear beautiful eyelashes almost until the next reapplication procedure!

What Glue Do Eyelash Techs Use?

Most modern lash stylists choose the London Lash brand:

  • It is made of natural ingredients. Therefore, it does not provoke redness or irritation. It is also suitable for clients with allergies.
  • Maximum comfort for the lash technician and his/her clients.
  • Perfectly fixes lash extensions until the next reapplication procedure.
  • Water- and oil-resistant.
  • Has all necessary quality certificates.

You can buy strongest eyelash extensions glue and other extension tools on the website of Canadian brand LashStorePro. This company is the official distributor of London Lash, so you can buy original products at an affordable price.

By choosing products at the LashStorePro online store, you will be able to improve the quality of your services to a new level and meet the needs of almost all your customers!

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