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What is Shatter Weed? 

Shatter weed a cannabis extract that breaks into two when tapped. It gets its name from the glass look and brittleness that makes handling this product exciting for some users. This translucent product comes from the combination of plant matter and solvent, and it will vary in color. Depending on the weed strain used, you will get honey-like amber to darker shades, but it all looks beautiful and has all the terpenes captured during curing. 

The History of Shatter Weed

Weed shatter, like many cannabis concentrates, is quite new. It followed the production of hashish that started many years ago, and what we have today is the perfection of that long process. A proper journey started in 1989 when D. Gold published his book, Cannabis Alchemy: The Art of Modern Hashmaking, which explained the process at length. This publication was followed by Michael Starks’ 1990 edition of Marijuana Chemistry: Genetics Processing and Potency, which went even deeper into the art of hashish. 

Canadian BudderKing went into the experimental phase that produced the first batches of shatter and budder that were then perfected to give us today’s products. The first batches to be sold were sent to the dispensaries in 2003, and since then, users have had several trials of shatter. One of the main reasons this product stuck with users is its terpene profile which retains as much of the aroma and taste from the original plant as possible. 

How to Make Cannabis Shatter

Shatter is best made in controlled environments because some parts of the process may be a little risky if tried at home. 


  • Marijuana 
  • An “extraction tube”
  • A butane canister
  • A coffee filter
  • Double boiler
  • A Pyrex dish
  • Parchment paper
  • Razor blades.

Step 1: Grind the weed and leave it out for an hour to dry as you don’t want it too fresh. 

Step 2: Fill the extractor with the ground weed, packing it neatly but leaving spaces for the butane you will be adding in the next step. 

Step 3: Spray the butane generously on the extractor to ensure that all areas of your space are covered. Any spark could light the whole place up, so this process is critical. 

Step 4: Evaporate the butane. You will fill up the boiler, then put on the hot electric range. Place the Pyrex container on top to allow the butane to evaporate. This will leave you with pure shatter. You want to ensure all the butane evaporates completely because any parts left could go onto the product, which would not be good for your lungs. 

Step 5: If you still feel like there are traces of butane, purge it using a pressurized vacuum pump that will wash it all away.

Step 6: Pack your shatter and store it in a dark room. 

How to Store Shatter 

You want to store it in an airtight, sealed container in a cool dark room to preserve the goodness of the shatter. You do not want the terpenes and cannabinoids in it to activate unless you are ready to consume your shatter, so you may want to store it in small packages that will be used once opened. Since it is store-bought, you may want to only buy the sizes of containers you will use almost as soon as you open it to get the most of the product. 

Consumption of Shatter 

Without the heat, shatter is a harmless candy-like product that will not get you high, so it has to go through decarboxylation to release the psychotic compounds from marijuana. It has several benefits to consumers, with the top being how fast it is absorbed into the bloodstream. 

The best consumption method is dabbing through a dab rig that uses a nail instead of the typical bong bowl. You will heat the nail to a suitable temperature, then use the dab tool that comes with the rig to create the vapor you will inhale through a mouthpiece similar to a bong. You could also use a vape if you do not have a dab rig, and some people even roll up their joints and/or blunts with a bit of shatter. You could even add coconut oil to turn it into a delicious edible. 

Because of the level of terpenes in shatter THC, users can experience psychotic side effects. You want to use it sparingly if you are new and inexperienced or do not want to experience these side effects. Shatter CBD will lower THC levels that will not make you as high as the other option should you prefer a milder option. This option is highly recommended for users seeking medicinal and therapeutic benefits from the product, as it is easier to use. You want to get your product from a dispensary or knowledgeable budtender that will get your dosing right whether you use it medicinally or for recreational purposes. 


If you are new to shatter, it will serve you best if you start slow as you get used to higher levels due to its potency. Also, you may want to ask your budtender for their advice as far as THC and CBD shatter are concerned so they can recommend the better option for your level. You may want to read as much as you can of this product as possible as you discover what else the marijuana plant can do for you. You will get so much information from Ask Growers if you are looking for a community with well-researched articles about cannabis. You will learn about the strains, canna culture, the types of products from marijuana, and much more. 


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