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What is non-standard in these descriptors?

Here for these (indentation is mine):

sh(wsh(multi(2, abcdef01/1'/1'/0/*, 23456789/1'/1'/0/*)))#abcdefgh
sh(wsh(multi(2, abcdef01/1'/1'/1/*, 23456789/1'/1'/1/*)))#ijklmnop
   wsh(multi(2, abcdef01/1'/1'/0/*, 23456789/1'/1'/0/*)) #qrstuvwx
   wsh(multi(2, abcdef01/1'/1'/1/*, 23456789/1'/1'/1/*)) #yz012345
       tr(musig(abcdef01/1'/1'/0/*, 23456789/1'/1'/0/*)) #67890abc
       tr(musig(abcdef01/1'/1'/1/*, 23456789/1'/1'/1/*)) #defghijk

WALLET tells us:

The output descriptor is Development standard For recovery that WALLET_PROVIDER will support and is helping grow. Since the standard is in a very early stage, The above list contains some non-standard elements.

As descriptors reach a more mature stage, they will be able to move funds from one wallet to another in complete independence.WALLET_PROVIDER believes that this freedom is at the heart of Bitcoin’s promise, and we are working towards that goal.

What is non-standard in these descriptors?

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