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What Are Paylines? How do they Affect the Profitability of Online Slots?

The first acquaintance with slot machines is a dive into the unknown for every newbie. Incomprehensible terms are added to fear and risk. Meanwhile, if understanding their meaning, it becomes much easier to play and win games onhttps://nomini.com/hi/games/categories/slots. Paylines are one of the basic concepts and key indicators for online slots. Thus, let’s figure out how their number affects the profitability of a machine and the gaming process itself.

What are Paylines?

A payline is a combination of certain symbols, which brings a win. That is, this is a set of several symbols on the playing field, which, when fallen out in a certain sequence, bring the player a prize. Paylines (their number and the sequence of symbols) are set by software developers.

Key Principles of Dealing with Paylines

–                  Depending on the selected slot machine, their number can vary from 3 (the simplest classic games with 3 reels) up to 3125 on modern video slots.

–                  The algorithms of most slots consider combinations winning ones only if they are generated from left to right. Yet, some slots form winning combinations from both sides.

–                  Almost 90% of slot machines recognize a winning line if at least 3 out of 5 consecutive identical symbols of the same combination match on it.

–                  Some machines allow turning off some lines. This is done to reduce the size of the total bet (a player pays money for each line). Beginning gamblers are not recommended to disable paylines. This can significantly reduce your chances of winning.

The Number of Paylines on Classic and Modern Online Slots

Initially, classic 3-reel slots had 3 paylines. Then, the industry began to develop. Software producers started to design new algorithms. For some time, the standard number of paylineswas considered to be 5, 9, 20, and 25. But the creators of slot machines tried to diversify products and, in a few years, went far beyond the boundaries of the classics. Nowadays, online slots can have dozens or even hundreds of paylines. Here are the most popular options:

–                  243 lines. This solution is applicable to slots with 5×3 playing grounds. In this case, it is enough to have the same symbols on subsequent reels, falling out one after the other. For example, Immortal Romance or Girls With Guns.

–                  1024 lines. This option operates based on the same algorithm as described above, but the solution is applicable to games with 5×4 playing fields (5 reels and 4 horizontals). Examples of such products are Jungle Spirit or Lion King slots.

–                  Both side mechanics. In this case, winning combinations are counted not only from left to right but also from right to left.

–                  With a growing number of paylines when a winning combination falls out, as in IO and Tahiti Gold;

–                  Megaways. In this case, the playing field does not have a clear scheme since a different number of symbols can appear on the same reel. The maximum winning variations can reach hundreds of thousands. Legend of the Nile and Bonanza are vivid examples of such mechanics.

–                  Clusters Pays payout mechanics. Here, winnings are counted by clusters of symbols that meet certain conditions, usually touching horizontally and vertically. Bright examples are TNT Tumble and Twisted Sister online slots.

The number of paylines has a direct impact on the winning statistics. The number of active lines determines, in particular, the probability of winning combinations falling out on playing grounds. Each of the active lines introduced into the game process can generate winning combinations. Usually, it consists of several symbols of the same kind, dropped out in a row. The greater the number of paylines in introduced into the game, the higher the probability of getting payable sequences on the reels.



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