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We love this 58 year old bright and bold style | Chatelaine

Winnipeg-based graphic designer and content creator Manny Martins-Kerman dresses himself happy and encourages others to do the same.

(Photo, Julie Fulshire)

Winnipeg-based graphic designer and content creator Manny Martins-Karman (with over 41,000 followers) Ticktaku, She shares a daily fashion inspo) believes in the power to lift the mood of bright colors, and to wear whatever you want. “This outfit makes me feel like the top of the world,” she says of her enthusiastic take on a classic jeans and blazer combo. Upcycled with layers of paint and adorned with delicate butterflies, second-hand jeans delight the crowd, gather compliments and spread joy wherever you go. “I think so many people of my age should follow some arbitrary rules about what is appropriate to wear,” says the 58-year-old. “But this is the time of my brilliance, and I will live loudly and proudly.”

Here she shares her approach to color, second-hand clothing, and finding her style later in life.

How would you describe your style?

the term Dopamine dressing [to describe happy, colourful clothes] It was only recently, but when I first heard it, I immediately thought, “Yes, that’s right!”

Spreading joy is the reason I dress in my own way. Dopamine dressing not only affects your mood, it also affects the mood of the people around you. The other day, when I went to the grocery store, a cashier came out from behind the counter and said, “I have to say, it looks good and I’m smiling.” And that’s what I want to do with my clothes. Being able to bring a smile to someone’s face — how powerful is it?

Part of my aesthetic also works in contrast. For me, mixing edgy, feminine and masculine elements gives the outfit its personality and makes it unique.

What is your process when choosing a costume?

When you change your clothes in the morning, you change your clothes depending on whether you are in the current mood or the mood you want to be, so when you wake up well, you should dress to reflect that. But when you’re feeling down, wear something that makes you feel better, such as bright colors and bold patterns.

Why do you think your style resonates with your social media followers?

When I became a mom, I lost contact with fashion and just recently rediscovered my love for fashion. Through a pandemic, I began to explore fashion as a means of self-expression and put together clothes that bring joy. I really wanted to make myself and the people around me feel better. I think that’s why my TikTok page started. Many people needed it. I happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Fashion is not just about clothes, it’s a form of expression. It tells a lot about who you are. When you enter a room in a pink suit, people look back and think, “I want to get to know that person.” When it comes to style, I want to encourage others to follow their hearts. So many people of my age think that some arbitrary rules should be followed as to what is appropriate to wear. But now is the time of my brilliance and I will live loudly and proudly.

You are a graphic designer by trade. How does it affect your personal style?

I always had a creative side. Whether it’s painting, design, or fashion, you need to express yourself in different ways. Thanks to my work as a graphic designer, I have a good and deep understanding of color theory. Instead of just putting it on paper, I started to apply it to my clothes. I like to talk with contrasting colors and patterns, and that understanding comes from my design work, which is a skill I can only apply to fashion in later years.

You love saving and upcycling your clothes. What is the reason you are attracted to second-hand clothes?

Growing up, I was inspired by what I saw in fashion magazines.I started because I was young and didn’t make much money Savings I learned by myself How to sew.. When I started making my own clothes, I was freed up and explored fashions other than those available in small towns...

I have this instinct to make things. I love clothes, but I think we need to slow things down and reuse and reinvent it. It’s thrilling to find a second hand item and use it to do something completely different.

Every year, I do denim art series and painting series. I used to bleach, but this year I’ve added some color. The jeans worn in the photo are the men’s corner of Value Village. I took in an abstract and colorful style of painting and applied it to jeans.

I also love jewelery, so I often buy pieces, disassemble them, put them back in new ways, or wear them differently than I intended.I would like to ask What else can you do?

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We love this 58 year old bright and bold style | Chatelaine

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