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Ways to Make Money from Your Old Car

Cars lose value quickly. After all, they too age just like we do. And if you have a vehicle you no longer need, don’t worry! You can still put it to good use. And if you are looking for ways to make quick money, keep reading! You have landed in the right place to learn how to do so.

How To Make Money From Your Old Car

You might look at your old car and think that no one would want to buy it. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make money out of it. After all, there are many ways to make money from your old car. And here are some suggestions you should consider!

Selling Car Parts

Arguably one of the best ways to raise capital from your old car is to sell car parts. After all, if your vehicle is in a bad state, it might be more expensive to fix it than to dismantle it and sell its components individually. And learning about the most expensive car parts to sell can help you maximize your profits.

For instance, the most in-demand car parts are the engine and transmission. And you won’t have issues finding someone willing to purchase them. However, you’ll have to consider the costs of disassembling such parts before counting your profits!

Other valuable car parts include the sound system, GPS, fenders, and even tires (if they are in good condition).

Scrap Metal

Alternatively (or besides that), you can sell your car for scrap metal. There are several companies you can contact for this purpose. However, you won’t get much money (on average, you’ll get around $200 for your car). Still, if you are looking for cash, it will be something! Plus, it is a simple process that doesn’t come with the headaches of having to look for buyers.

Rent it

If your car is still working, you might make more money by renting it to tourists or someone you know to make some extra cash. Of course, you’ll have to invest in maintaining your car for this to happen and to avoid issues. Still, it is better than leaving your vehicle collecting dust in your garage.

Sell Your Number Plate

You might have invested in a personalized number plate for your car. And now that your vehicle isn’t working anymore, you may still struggle to give it away because you don’t want to lose it. However, we have good news for you. While you may not be able to keep it for yourself, you can still make money from your initial investment.

And if your number plate is unique, funny, or interesting, you shouldn’t have trouble finding someone willing to buy it. After all, not many people know about this, but the business of personalized number plates is increasing in popularity.

The only challenge in selling your number plate is that valuing it isn’t straightforward. Usually, in these cases, it is the buyer who sets the price. But getting some cash is always better than none! You can ask for support from specialized companies or sell your plate on an auction site like eBay.


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