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Ways to Invest That Don’t Involve the Stock Market

Typically, when people think about investments, they start by looking at the available options in the stock market. However, there are different ways to invest your money other than mutual funds or stocks. Besides, having a diversified portfolio that doesn’t rely on how the stock market performs is a wise decision to take.

If you are not sure about investing in stocks or want to diversify your portfolio without them, here are healthy investment options where you can put your money to work without worrying about the difficulties of the stock market.

  1. Consider investing in a private business

If you ever get a chance to invest in venture capital or private equity, you can make direct investments. It means you can become an accredited investor. These days, people are more into entrepreneurship.

They would start their businesses, buy a franchise, or even partner with someone for a project. However, before you dive into the project, make sure that the project has an impressive roadmap.

  1. Invest in precious metal

Different types of precious metals, specifically gold, are controversial assets. While many people view them as a speculative nightmare, others find them as a foolproof investment. So, whether you buy silver or gold, it is one of the few assets that you can take possession of.

It means you can buy bullion bars, silver coins, or gold coins and keep them in some safe place at your home. When there is a complete financial or economic crisis, you can use them as barter. Keep in mind that precious metals are subjected to dollar movements.

While their value falls when the dollar becomes strong but gains when the dollar becomes weak. Because no one knows about the transitions, it is wise to have some of them. So, consider buying pendants or vintage necklaces.

  1. Antiques and collectibles

Investing in vintage necklaces and pendants can help you earn more over time. Buying antique items would make their value sore high and you would know their worth after some time. Therefore, buy fractional pieces and watch their value rise.

Collectibles and antiques are profitable investments when the dollar weakens. If an item fetches you more money later, you can stay ahead of your time. You can experience the enjoyment of possessing them as well as the financial gain derived at the end.

  1. Opt for savings bonds

You can choose savings bonds if you are looking for investment alternatives to the stock market. These are offered by the federal government and they pay you stable interest over a stipulated timeframe. They are low-risk investments where you get paid by the government.

The only way to lose money is when the government defaults on its debts. Although some of them pay you fixed interest rates, others give you a portion of the interest depending on the inflation.

  1. Vacation rentals

You can buy a vacation home and use it as a rental property when you aren’t visiting. It is another great alternative to improving your investment portfolio while feeding your soul at the same time.

You can use the property when you wish to spend some quality time and rent it out to cover the expenses. However, you need to find the right buyer when you need the money.


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