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Watch: The Man Behind Kipchoge’s World Record

Sunday morning of the Berlin Marathon, Eliud Kipchoge He made history by breaking the marathon world record by 30 seconds. His run will go down as one of his most notable performances in our sport, but what can’t be ignored is the behind-the-scenes work done by his drink man. Klaus-Henning Schulke.

The role of just handing the fastest marathoner in history a hydration bottle may seem small, but Schulke may be the best in the world at doing it. Please look.

Schulke, 56-year-old triathlete from Berlin, first Worked with Kipchoge in 2018, when he set a world record of 2:01:39. Schulke has been volunteering at his marathon in Berlin since 1998, and as a senior member of the 30-man crew, elite athlete drink in the race.

When Schulke completed the handover to Kipchoge at the first hydration station, he gave a fist pump celebration, as he famously did in 2018.

Across the course’s 13 drink stations, Schulke cycled to each station, waited for Kipchoge, handed him the bottle, then got back on his bike and beat the marathoners to the next station.

Kipchoge may have the world record, but Schulke has every right to that glory as his right-hand man.

Watch: The Man Behind Kipchoge’s World Record

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