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Warmington: NDP MPs meet German Chancellor to discuss Ukraine

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LDP lawmakers were talking about Germany’s Ukraine with the country’s leadership, They claim they weren’t there on taxpayer money.

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NDP tweets over the weekend showed leader Jagmeet Singh, fellow NDP lawmakers Charlie Angus and Heather McPherson, and NDP National Director Anne McGrath in Germany, posing for photos just inside what was once East Germany. I was taking pictures. It’s very close to where the Berlin Wall used to be. Separate communism and democracy.

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“We are meeting with representatives of the Social Democrats today. James Bay Rep. Charlie Angus tweeted. “We will discuss the Ukraine war, the European energy/climate crisis and how Canada can play a role.

what? Come again?

Members of the 4th party in the House of Representatives met with the leaders of the G7, not with anyone from the Trudeau government. Was this part of their effort to support a liberal minority government until 2025, or was he there as a member of the NDP?

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It turned out that the NDP said it had only voluntarily attended a party congress of Germany’s ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD).

But they certainly have some special access rights.

“Yagmit Singh is discussing the response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine with Jana Puglielin (Chairman of the European Council on Foreign Relations), Dvir Sakaryene (Lithuanian Social Democratic Deputy Party Leader) and SPD Chairman Lars Klingbeir.” Angus tweeted.

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Singh later tweeted that he was “honored to be on the Foreign Affairs Panel” and that “Canada has an important role to play in the world.”

Edmonton Strathcona MP McPherson tweeted a photo of her and Singh and said: She was “extremely excited” to join her NDP colleagues to “discuss global energy policy, the war in Ukraine, affordable housing strategies and progressive politics with the German government.” .

they later I also posted a photo of Singh’s meeting with Scholz and a group shot with the Prime Minister.

Singh said:I happily told the Prime Minister that he would count on me as an ally. I will use my power to lobby Liberal governments to act on the world stage to protect our environment and respect human rights. need to build a relationship — cThreats that cross borders, like war in Ukraine and the climate crisis. As a first step, we need to make Canada a renewable energy superpower, create hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs here, and tackle the climate crisis in Canada and abroad. ”

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Is it a prime minister-like word?

A representative for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie said: “The Government of Canada can confirm that it did not cover the travel expenses of these members of parliament or contribute to the planning of this trip.” rice field.

NDP Communications Director Melanie Richer added:His travels are not paid for by Canadian taxpayers and are subject to all the ethical rules of parliamentarians. ”

However, it is still unclear who is picking up the tab.

Warmington: NDP MPs meet German Chancellor to discuss Ukraine

Source link Warmington: NDP MPs meet German Chancellor to discuss Ukraine

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