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Viral Uniqlo Moon Bag $25 finally available in Canada

This chic Uniqlo item has *everything* you need.

(Photo provided by UNIQLO)

Major Style Alert: or The viral Uniqlo crossbody has finally landed in Canada.

of Minimalist half-moon bag The hashtag for Japanese retailer Uniqlo went viral on TikTok earlier this year. #uniqlo bag The app has received 22.9 million views. Since then the bag has been difficult to come by. UK TikToker She traveled to Barcelona to get it. The app is full of videos of people bragging after hooking one (or more), showing them exactly what they fit (spoiler alert: a lot) and styling them.

It’s easy to see why the cross-body bag, affectionately known as the ‘moon bag’ by aficionados, is so popular. Affordable (a bag costs $25 in Canada) and comes in six of his neutral and bright colors, its crescent shape looks great with any outfit.

(Photo provided by UNIQLO)

Also, it’s not just about looks. Uniqlo’s round mini shoulder bag (as it’s officially known on the retailer’s website) is practical. At 28cm wide and 10cm deep, it’s not big, but it’s like a Mary Poppins bag and holds more than you think.in a video posted on TikTok by @caitlinphillimore, TikToker pulls out everything that fits in a seemingly small bag: wallets, cell phone chargers, lip balms, whole packets of biscuits (!!), hair clips, over-ear headphones, and bulky cameras. is showing. , perfume bottle, epi pen.

@Caitlin Phillimore♬ Endless Love – Piero Piccioni

Want to take your emotional support water bottle with you wherever you go? You’re in luck, it fits—1 Chatelaine The editor tried it. Still need proof that it’s bigger than it looks? Little Moons Mochi, a European mochi confectionery company, has jumped on the “mochibukuro contents” trend, 53 frozen rice cakes packed in a bagAdditionally, it is equipped with several interior pockets for organizing small knick-knacks and bobs. This is especially important when filling up on dessert.

(Photo provided by UNIQLO)

I also fell prey to the moonbag. I’ve had mine for a few weeks and I can safely say it’s exactly what I was looking for. cream cheese), a full-sized water bottle, allergy meds, a few lipsticks, a spare mask, and hand sanitizer. A folded tote bag into a moon bag. As someone who likes to be as prepared as possible (I’m a friend who has everything handy), a compact pack is exactly what I need.

Viral Uniqlo Moon Bag $25 finally available in Canada

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