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Victoria Brown breaks 72-hour world record

Victoria brown She is doing exactly what she planned. She’s trying to break the woman’s six-day world record, and on her way to annihilate all the other few-day records. Brown is the fourth day of the six days of the Dome Race in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.She already has 48 hours (353.86 kilometers) 72 hour eventAnd set a 72-hour women’s world record at 467 kilometers (waiting for ratification).

Photo: Kevin Young Blood

Whitby, Ontario has been a top candidate for ultrarunning for the past few years. In February, she set the current 72-hour world record at the Jackpot Ultra Festival in Henderson, Nevada. She also previously held records for both 12 hours and 100 miles in Canada. Amanda Nelson, Also of Onto. At the Edmonton Survivor Fest 24 Hours.

A seasoned world-class triathlete, Brown will be the first Ultra in 2020. That dam hill.. She decided to take part in the race only after all other races of the season were canceled and not only won the race completely, but also the course record and the new woman’s Canadian soil record (210 km at the time). ) Was recorded. Both of these records are currently held by Nelson, but Brown has been working towards a six-day goal for several years.

Brown did not keep the fact that she was chasing the world’s six-day record at this event. The athlete asked Instagram as follows: She shared the top three goals, including achieving a women’s world record of 884 km. If that couldn’t be achieved, he tried to break the 6-day record for Canadian women at 731km.

“Of course, I have very high expectations as usual,” Brown writes. “If everything else fails, I want to go for a full six days regardless of distance. I just want to be on the track until the last bell rings to signal the end of the race.” Six days of last year’s dome event. So Brown suffered from asthma and injury and then dropped out. 72 hours.. “My biggest challenge is dealing with asthma and potential injuries,” she admitted on Instagram.

6 days at the dome Is an annual event at the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The entire race will be centered around an indoor 443 meter track and participants can enroll in a 24-hour, 48-hour, or 6-day race. ..

Victoria Brown breaks 72-hour world record

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