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US truck superstar Allyson Felix launches free childcare initiative

Allyson Felix, The most decorated female Olympic athletes in athletics history continue to create heritage. Known for its enthusiastic support for women and mothers, athletics stars have taken the initiative to provide free childcare to athletes, coaches and other participants at the 2022 National Championships in Eugene, Oregon. We have launched it and are continuing to work on it. , From June 23rd to 26th.The initiative she said time Magazine, why she returned to the final season track.

Felix has won 11 Olympic medals (including 7 gold medals) throughout his career and has become one of the most decorated athletics Olympic athletes in history.She spoke violently against her pressure Former sponsor NikeAfter wearing her to return to the race shortly after giving birth and leaving them, she launched a shoe company for her own woman called Saysh.

In 2019, Felix testified at Capitol Hill about the racial disparity in maternal mortality. She also teamed up with Athleta, who agreed to sell her brand of shoes. Athleta, and Nonprofit & MotherIs her partner in this new childcare initiative.

United States Olympic Trials Photo: Kevin Morris

With the Women’s Sports Foundation Athleta’β–  Felix, a power of sea fund, will give elite athletes a $ 200,000 grant this year and then begin the next round of $ 10,000 childcare grants for qualified athletes.

Felix gave birth to a daughter, Kamurin, 2018. She remembers taking her to see her when she was a baby and thanking her mother for helping her raise her child. Felix also remembers that her training partner had a hard time finding childcare at the convention many years ago.

After the Tokyo Olympics, Felix says he considered retiring.She was encouraged by her fellow gender equality activists Billie Jean King We are back to create a childcare initiative in athletics and hope it will succeed and spread to other sports and potentially other industries. Athletics day care centers can have very good results for athletes’ careers.

Felix says he wants a free childcare model to become the norm throughout athletics.

US truck superstar Allyson Felix launches free childcare initiative

Source link US truck superstar Allyson Felix launches free childcare initiative

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