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US Midterm Elections: Final Election Results Could Take a Week, Experts, Officials Warn – National

Last-minute voters head to polls across the US on Tuesday, but the results of the 2022 midterm elections could be unclear for days.

Election campaigns and political commentators have warned Americans that the final result is likely to be unknown by the end of the week.

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Americans are set to vote in the pivotal US midterm elections.what to look for on election day

The growing popularity of early voting has long been a reality in the United States, but never since the COVID-19 pandemic, complicating the tallying process.

Battleground states like Pennsylvania have had some ominous repercussions for 2020, with polls suggesting the battle for control of the Senate is at an end.

Brendan McPhillips, campaign manager for Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman, has warned supporters that it will likely take days before the final results are available.

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America’s Hopes and Fears: Voter Trends on the Eve of the US Midterm Elections

McPhillips also says that votes cast on Election Day, which often favor Republicans, tend to be counted first, so Fetterman’s rivals may try to declare a premature victory. .

“Republicans have already laid the groundwork for potentially spreading false conspiracy theories about a possible ‘red mirage’ of ballot processing in Pennsylvania,” McPhillips said in a note to supporters Monday. Stated.

More than 1.4 million mail-in ballots were requested in Pennsylvania this year, 70% of which were registered Democrats compared to 20% of registered Republicans.

“Like in 2020, we expect in-person voting to be heavily Republican-biased and mail-in ballots to be heavily Democrat-biased.”

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McPhillips fears a repeat of what happened two years ago. A strong Republican stance fostered the impression of a Republican victory, when Donald Trump later claimed a stolen election.

Others, including the U.S. Department of Justice, are concerned that so-called “polls” in states such as Georgia, Arizona and Florida may be trying to discourage people from exercising their right to vote. doing.

The Department of Justice division that oversees civil rights said Monday it will monitor polls in 64 counties in 24 states to ensure “compliance with federal voting rights laws.”

“Since the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed, the Office for Civil Rights has regularly monitored on-site elections in jurisdictions nationwide to protect the rights of voters,” the agency said in a release. said.

“Through our call center, the Office for Civil Rights also accepts complaints from members of the public nationwide regarding possible violations of federal voting rights laws.”

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US election officials brace for voter intimidation

In short, welcome to Election Day 2022 in the United States.

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Battered by violent election headwinds including inflation, escalating crime fears and a highly unpopular president in the White House, Democrats are bent on what they describe as an effort to undermine American democracy. is doing.

Former President Barack Obama said at a rally in Philadelphia on Saturday, “I understand that democracy doesn’t seem like a top priority right now, especially if you’re worried about paying your bills. Even more so.

“But when there is no real democracy, as we have seen throughout history and around the world, when there is no real democracy, people get hurt. It has real consequences.”

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Joe Biden, Donald Trump to make final appeals ahead of crucial US midterm elections

Just like in 2020, Pennsylvania is once again at the center of the North American political landscape, poised for Fetterman and Republican challenger Dr. Mehmet Oz to determine control of the Senate.

Just as Obama and Biden welcomed Fetterman and gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro, Trump himself galvanized his own supporters at Latrobe at a rally widely seen as a preview of the former president’s own comeback bid. I was letting

He tested the new nickname of his fierce competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, on the open road, calling him “DeSanctimonious.” Moon.

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A Republican control of the House is widely seen as a foregone conclusion. But the Senate is still too close to call. Pennsylvania is far from the only battlefield that determines the balance of power in the Capitol.

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US Midterm Elections: How ‘Big Lie’ Election Misinformation Endangers Democracy

Trump also held a rally in Ohio on Monday, with venture capitalist and “Hillbilly Elegy” author JD Vance battling Congressman Tim Ryan.

In Arizona, Trump’s Republican neighbor Kari Lake’s bid to run for governor has consumed a ton of political oxygen and put her on the national stage.

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US cyber chief: No reason to believe election infrastructure ‘at risk’ before midterm elections

Polls show Lake has a slight lead over her Democratic rival, Arizona’s Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, while on the Senate side, Senator Mark Kelly faces a challenge from Republican hopeful Blake Masters. trying to dodge

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In neighboring Nevada, Republican Adam Laxalt trailed incumbent Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Mast, but as in most hotly contested Senate elections, his lead is a typical margin of error. stays within range.

And if the results of the midterm elections remain unclear for several days after polls close on Tuesday night, it could take even longer to determine who controls the Senate.

There, polls show Senator Raphael Warnock is deadlocked with football hero Herschel Walker, who continues to run for office despite a long list of abortion controversies, campaign hyperbole and rhetorical pitfalls. is suggested.

Georgia state law requires a run-off vote if no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote.

The runoff ballot in Georgia will take place on December 6th.

US Midterm Elections: Final Election Results Could Take a Week, Experts, Officials Warn – National

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