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US Midterm Elections: Election Fraud Claims Swirl As Senate Control Still Uncertain – Nationwide

Call it a November surprise.

Democrats are drowning in a midterm election loss that feels like a victory. This is an election vigil that goes against the recent US trend of voters punishing the party in the White House.

But in the process, they may have breathed new life into a new big lie. This time it’s a ballot box fraud allegation focused on Arizona.

The Republicans had a good night and were on track to gain control of the House, but the “red wave” they hoped for never happened.

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Fierce competition in U.S. midterm elections is eroding control of Congress as Republicans chase their gains

Arizona appears to be among them, and former TV anchor Kari Lake drew heavily on Donald Trump’s campaign plans to become governor.

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Despite trailing Secretary of State Katie Hobbs by more than 10 points, Lake cites widespread reports of malfunctioning voting machines suggesting she was a victim of election fraud. .

Who will control the Senate is also an open question, with the battle between NFL runback Herschel Walker and Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock likely heading to a runoff vote in December.

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US Midterm Elections: Democrat Maura Healy Becomes First Openly Gay Governor in US History

A narrow GOP victory in the House, uncertainty in the Senate, and new unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud all point to continued chaos in the Capitol.

And it could ultimately be part of Tuesday’s midterm elections that will have the most impact on Canada, said Eric Miller, president of Rideau Potomac Strategy Group in Washington, DC.

“Even if the explosion wasn’t as big as we thought, there would be endless commentary in Canada about whether the United States is headed for disintegration, civil war, unreliability, etc. The on_ is amplified. just one,” says Miller.

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“The system is starting to malfunction as it should.

One of Tuesday’s clear results will have a direct impact. That is the re-election of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, the driving force behind his efforts to shut down his 5 pipeline across the Canadian border.

Whitmer narrowly defeated Republican challenger Tudor Dixon. Tudor-Dixon, a steel industry insider turned conservative commentator, sought to capitalize on Canada’s Line 5 defense against his Democratic rivals.

Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, “the world’s most radical environmentalist,” opposes closing the pipeline, Dixon said in a debate with Whitmer last month.

The Michigan battle was just one of 506 gubernatorial, House and Senate elections that culminated Tuesday in a midterm showdown that pollsters and pundits expected to be a bitter indictment for the Biden administration.

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US midterm elections: DeSantis thanks Florida voters, ‘wins for years’

At least not on the scale that the Republican Party wanted.

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Given the traditional pattern of midterm voters punishing the incumbent president’s party, it’s one outcome most political experts were confident in predicting.

But disappointment at the magnitude of the victory was written on the face of minority leader Kevin McCarthy, who is widely expected to wrest the chairman’s gavel from Nancy Pelosi if the Republicans claim a majority.

“It’s clear we’re taking back the House,” McCarthy told his DC supporters.

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In Virginia, the state where Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin won last year, despite Biden’s 10-point sweep in 2020, Democrats were able to hold on to two seats early on. rice field.

Kathy Hochul then emerged victorious in her bid for her first full term as governor of New York, despite strong Republican challenges.

And in Pennsylvania, Lieutenant. Jon Fetterman missed much of the summer with a stroke that affected his speaking style and cast doubt on his suitability for the office, leaving another Trump acolyte, Dr. Mehmet Oz, with a small but significant Victory.

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“I’m not quite sure what to say right now,” the apparently humble Fetterman, who wore his trademark black hoodie, told his supporters.

“This campaign has always been about fighting for everyone who has ever been beaten and recovered.”

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US midterm elections: Trump says he’s concerned about Arizona, machines and ‘other paper ballot issues’

In Arizona, vote-counting machine issues quickly sparked accusations of election tampering, first by Trump on social media and later by Lake, urging supporters not to give up the fight.

Officials argued that the mechanical problem didn’t prevent anyone from voting, but it didn’t prevent Lake from making another claim.

“When we win, the first action is to bring integrity back into the Arizona election,” she told her supporters, with half of the polls reporting and Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs at 12 percent. We pulled away with a point difference.

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“If we win, I think it will be within hours. We will declare victory and get to work turning this around. There will be no more incompetence or corruption in the Arizona election.”

The close race in battleground states has almost ensured that the question of whether Republicans can wrest control of the Senate from Democrats will not be resolved anytime soon.

In Ohio, JD Vance, venture capitalist and author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” _ another Republican with the Trump seal of approval _, has tried to distance himself from President Joe Biden in the House of Representatives, Democrat Tim Ryan. He completely defeated the legislators.

Click to play video: 'Canada and the United States will continue to work together no matter what happens in midterm elections': Prime Minister Trudeau

Canada, US will continue to work together ‘whatever happens in midterm elections’: Trudeau

In Wisconsin, Republican incumbent Ron Johnson led Democrat Mandela Burns by 40,000 votes, with about 98% of the vote.

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That, combined with Fetterman’s win, shifted the focus to Georgia, where Walker and Warnock traded a very thin lead all night.

With 95% of the vote, Warnock was just 35,000 votes ahead of Walker, but just 0.5% behind the 50% threshold needed to avoid a repeat in next month’s runoff. .

“I don’t know if this journey ends tonight or if there’s still a little work left to do,” Warnock told his supporters.

“What we do know is that when they finish counting the votes from today’s election, we will have more votes than my opponents. ”

US Midterm Elections: Election Fraud Claims Swirl As Senate Control Still Uncertain – Nationwide

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