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Unique Beach Luxury-Home Trend Magazine

At Kitsilano Luxury Beach Resort, each rental unit is different. Designer Lori Sutherland Burns asked artist Andrew Briggs for Vancouver architecture, beachscapes, and exhilarating colors as he was working on the design process to refurbish these three units. The cityscape washed with pops.
Each unit is equipped with a nightstand, video game room, outdoor putting green, electric car charger, and bold wall-finished USB charger to meet all the needs of travelers. The goal was to create something that would provide a genuine experience for travelers, a unique and memorable experience.

Unit 1
Unit 1 has stunning vaulted windows in the living room and an onyx wall background in the dining area.

Design by | Lori Sutherland Burns, www.studioten.ca
Text | Rayelle Cloutier-Williams Photo | Peter Taylor

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Unique Beach Luxury-Home Trend Magazine

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