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Understanding Sports Betting

In 2021, Canada approved a new law to legalize single-event sports betting, allowing individual provinces to regulate the sports betting industry. While sports betting had previously been possible in some areas, it was restricted to multi-game parlays. The new law aims to regulate and legalize the sports betting industry across Canada, similar to the changes made in the US since 2018.

Since the law was changed, a number of provinces have moved to allow single-game wagering, giving more freedom to Canadian sports bettors. However, there is still a lot of confusion among many over how to bet and what the laws are. The truth is that this will depend entirely on where you live, as different provinces have different rules. Still, Canadian sports betting is much easier than before, and this guide will help you understand how to get started.

Where in Canada Can You Legally Bet on Sports?

In Canada, legal online sports betting is now permitted, with each province having the authority to regulate sports betting inside its borders. Sports betting is available in most areas through provincial lotteries. The rise of the Canadian sports betting sector is still young, however, and there are plenty of changes coming. Here is the current list of provinces that allow single-event sports betting:

  • Ontario – Ontario is currently the best province for sports betting, offering a state-run sportsbook site as well as commercial sports betting platforms. Users can sign up and bet at Proline or choose from any of the available sportsbooks that have recently launched.
  • Quebec – Gambling in Quebec is available through the state-run Mise-O-Jeu site. There’s also a mobile app that sports betting fans can download in order to place bets through their phone or tablet. Commercial sportsbooks haven’t launched in Quebec just yet, but could be on the cards for the future.
  • Alberta – Alberta offers legal single-event sports betting through the Play Alberta site. Those living in the province can also look forward to new retail sportsbooks launching in the coming years.
  • British Columbia – The British Columbia Lotter Corporation controls all gambling activities in BC. After the law changed in 2021, it launched an expanded PlayNow site to include single-event sports game betting.
  • Nova Scotia – Single-game sports bets are legal in Nova Scotia as of February 2022 and are provided by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. You can bet on the NHL, NFL, NBA and more.
  • Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon – These provinces all allow single-game betting, but only at retail locations for now.

How to Start Betting

If you’ve confirmed that sports betting is legal in your province, your next step is to sign up to an online betting site. You might have to choose a state-run site depending on where you live, or you could also opt for a licensed offshore site. While offshore sites aren’t able to operate in Canada, bettors don’t risk facing prosecution, and it gives you a lot more options.

When you’ve found a good sportsbook that offers nice bonuses, good odds and has a great reputation, you can sign up. Joining a sportsbook is as simple as entering your personal details and making your first deposit. Ensure that all your details are correct and then use one of the secure payment methods available.

After creating an account, you’re ready to start placing bets. Most sites will offer betting on a wide range of sports, and you can select a bet simply by choosing an event and then an outcome. Enter your stake in the betslip and confirm to complete your bet. It will show how much you can win from the odds, with higher odds meaning a higher payout.

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