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Understanding Potency: How to Choose an Edible 

There are about as many types of edible as there are strains of cannabis out there, thanks to the more palatable experience – and longer lasting effects – that they offer compared with smoking.

They’re also incredibly popular. If you’re in the country, you can easily buy Canadian edibles online from some incredible vendors, so exploring the culinary delights of the cannabis world has never been easier.

However, you need to consume responsibly. Edibles are known for their ability to ‘sneak up on you’ just as you’re starting to forget you’ve eaten them, so how do you know what dosage is right for you? Take a look through this guide on how to understand potency and choose an edibles product that is suited to your tolerance.

Find the right dose for you

It is important that you remember that every person has a different recommended dose as the intensity of the effects cannabis can have on yourbodywill be very different from the intensity of the effects it has on someone else. This is the result of a number of factors such as the person’s individual tolerance, body weight and metabolism, as well as the type and dosage of the edible itself.

If you don’t know how much you can tolerate, start on a low dose such as around 2.5mg and take it slow.

As your body gets used to the effects of cannabis then, over time, you can gradually increase until you find a ‘sweet spot’. You don’t need to keep increasing indefinitely, and you definitely don’t need to jump from the minimum to the maximum in a matter of days or weeks.

How much THC will work for me?

To help you understand the right dose for you, here is a basic outline of the different potencies of THC in edibles in milligrams (mg) and their effects.

  • 1 – 2.5 mg is said to offer mild relief of anxiety, stress and pain, as well as increasing a user’s creativity and focus. Best for first-time users.
  • 5mg provides a stronger relief of both pain and anxiety, as well as inducing feelings of euphoria. Studies have shown that it can alter perception and impair coordination, and is mostly used for recreational use as well as a way to relieve persistent symptoms.
  • 10mg is thought to induce strong feelings of euphoria as well as impairing perception and coordination significantly. This is best only for THC users with a high tolerance, as it can apparently induce negative effects on consumers who are unaccustomed to it.
  • 20mg should only be taken by consumers with a significant tolerance to THC and medical patients who are experiencing a decrease in their GI absorption levels. Studies have shown feelings of extreme euphoria as well as perception and coordination impairment.
  • 50-100mg is only for very experienced consumers with a high tolerance to THC, including for medical conditions that require high doses such as inflammatory disorders or cancer patients. As well as impaired perception and coordination, experts believe doses this high can result in side effects such as pain, nausea and an increase in heart rate.

Even if you have a higher tolerance, consuming edibles with a dose higher than 100mg THC is said to greatly increase the chances of experiencing negative side effects such as paranoia or nausea.

CBD and THC levels

Often, edibles will have both THC and CBD in them. This is said to increase the medical benefits while also decreasing the more negative effects such as impairment. If you are looking for edibles with a less intoxicating effect, look for a higher CBD:THC ratio. Do remember that taking no matter the amount of CBD, taking excessive amounts of THC can still have side effects.

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