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Underground Oasis – Home Trend Magazine

There are two important things for Alex from Reno Duck to consider when starting a basement renovation. The first is WHY. Why are you renovating? What is the desired outcome of the project?This 800-square-foot basement was designed for homeowners who want a gym, bar, bathroom and a place to relax, and those wishes are always on their minds. I floated. The second key is resale value. If you decide to sell the home in the future, will this renovation be worth more or less than the original home? It is important to understand how Also, you don’t want to spend money on trendy items that look dated when you later decide to sell them.

In this tiny basement, we maximized the space without wasting walls by creating an open-concept design. make space.
The fireplace was on another wall. This allows homeowners to enjoy the functionality of both without compromising on one or cluttering one wall. The owner likes to work out, so it’s no surprise that Jim’s space is part of the design, and his Steam room is the perfect complement to the gym. To make this work, the bathroom has a shower that doubles as a steam room. A distinctive black wall runs from the shower to the bathroom, allowing the shower to blend in with the space rather than appearing separate. Bathrooms are finished with a mix of white tones, gold accents and wooden vanities for a trendy and functional space. A perfect place to relax after a great workout.

Budget is an important factor in any renovation. Alex warns homeowners not to think about their budget not only in terms of initial costs, but also in terms of functionality and long-term value. Working with an experienced team ensures that every square foot of your space is maximized. This might cost a little more, but you’ll get more functional space instead of someone not using the entire space. Quality work that lasts longer is also a better investment when it comes to long-term cost of ownership. No need to refurbish again in 5 years, 10 years, or repaint him once a year. Using high-quality, professional materials will save you money in the long run.

Project by RenoDuck, www.renoduck.com

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Underground Oasis – Home Trend Magazine

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