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Type Of Hearing Aids & Top Five Hearing Aids of 2022

Are you looking for a hearing aid for yourself or a family member? Then, check out these super stylish and quality hearing aids designed to meet the eye of everyone!

When it comes to hearing aids, we all may have different preferences for the style, cosmetic concerns, and even considerations about the features, size, and budgets. 

Types of Hearing Aids

Today there are many kinds of hearing aids on the market. To choose the right aid, let’s start with a little guide on the basic types of hearing aids we have today. 

In the Ear Hearing Aid (ITE)

These aids are customized and usually placed inside the ear canal. You will find several styles and colours of these aids, designed to go well with the skin tone to blend in.

In this type, you will find some aids go deep inside the ear while others, a bit bigger, stay more on the outside. These include:

Completely in the Canal (CIC)

These are very small and hence, are not visible to a bystander. These go deep inside the ear and must be pulled out via a string. However, these are not well suited for severe hearing loss, nor do they have many features or controls.

Low-Profile Hearing Aids 

These are similar to the ITEs and come in varied design options. For example, some may be small enough to fill half the external ear, while others may be large enough to fit the whole ear. 

The size gives them the advantage of having multiple features like volume controls, microphones, etc., plus it’s also easy to carry these due to their size.

Behind the Ear Hearing Aid (BTE)

Behind the ear – as the name goes –  are designed and placed on top of the ear or go around behind it.

Some tubes protrude from these and go inside the ear canal through an earmold.

Think of it like this: unlike the ITE hearing aid, it doesn’t block the ear canal. 

Receiver in the Ear (RITE)

Also known as the “receiver in Canal (RIC), this design comes with an insertable dome with a built-in speaker. In contrast, the processor and microphone rest behind the ear. These provide the user with the best sound experience.

Behind the Ear with Earmold

These types are great for all types of hearing loss. They have a long shape which gives them the ability to carry various features and have a greater battery life than most other types and models.

However, both types come with replaceable batteries. Depending on the size and quality, these last anywhere from 48 hours to 20 days.

Top Five Hearing Aids – 2022

With time and the latest technology, we now have several options for finding hearing aids. So we have shortlisted the top five aids for the year 2022.

  • Phonak Audeo Paradise

The Phonak Audeo Paradise gives the best, crisp, pure sound quality. In addition, the Paradise series takes hearing to another level with its brand-new technology.

So no matter what your surrounding environment is, it helps minimize the undesired sounds and gives you quality sound everywhere. The set is available in seven subtle tones and comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect multiple devices and control the functionality via the ‘Tap controls.’

The battery is powerful and lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge. So you can enjoy music or be socially active at any gathering wearing these stylish aids.

  • Oticon Opn S

The Oticon Opn S is perhaps one of the most discreet designs available in hearing aids. It comes with a single-button functionality and is easy to operate. However, it connects with other Bluetooth devices, and you can stream songs or connect with other devices easily.

It also has a Velox platform that enhances the quality and a navigator (OpenSound) to minimize the noise. 

Hence the user has to exert minimal effort to hear the sounds.

  • Signia Styletto Connect

The Signia Styletto Connect is widely preferred by most hearing aid users, owing to its features. The style, connectivity, music streaming, battery power, everything is on point, making it a number one choice amongst users worldwide.

The design is typically designed for new users or those who are adamant about using a hearing aid. 

The battery lasts up to four days on a single charge and comes with all the features, a major plus. It is available in three sleep colour options.

  • Phonak Lyric

Another great option by Phonak is the Phonak Lyric; it is one of the most discreet devices you’ll find on the market today. It goes deep inside the ear, and users can enjoy comfortably in gatherings and places where they don’t want to be in the limelight. 

The sound quality is excellent, and the design is comfortable enough to be worn all day long.

Battery life is really good and lasts up to a week.

  • Resound LiNX Quattro

Last, but another best in line is the Resound LiNX Quattro. With this device, you can stream music from all android and iOS devices. Many users love it due to its advanced functionality.

The batteries are rechargeable and enable the user with natural, exceptional sound quality. The sound is free from distortion and noise and has all the natural ups and downs in pitch and tone.


You can choose from several designs, types, styles and brands of hearing aids. However, it is best to consider all the elements like size, price, company, quality, and most importantly, the need and requirements for the extent of hearing loss.

Remember, while hearing aids cannot cure hearing loss, they can do so much to improve the quality of life.


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