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Tropical Storm Nicole moves to Georgia after wreaking havoc in Florida – National

Tropical Storm Nicole was moving through Georgia on Friday morning after a day of wreaking havoc as it churned through Florida as a hurricane and then a tropical storm.

A rare November hurricane could bring up to 6 inches (15 cm) of rain to the Blue Ridge Mountains by Friday, according to the National Hurricane Center. Flash floods and urban flooding are possible as rain spreads through the eastern Ohio Valley, mid-Atlantic and New England through Saturday.

Nicole had spent Thursday crossing central Florida after the hurricane made landfall near Vero Beach earlier that morning. It was on the east coast. The storm reached the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday night before heading north.

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Hurricane Nicole makes landfall in Florida, weakened by tropical storm

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The storm killed at least two people, tumbled homes along Florida’s coast into the Atlantic Ocean, and damaged many buildings, including hotels and rows of high-rise apartments. It was also devastating just weeks after Hurricane Ian made landfall on the Gulf Coast, killing more than 130 people and destroying thousands of homes.

Nicole was the first hurricane to hit the Bahamas since Category 5 Hurricane Dorian, which devastated the archipelago in 2019. For hurricane-weary Floridans, it was his first November hurricane since 1985, and his third since record-keeping began. 1853.

Nicole was sprawling, covering nearly the entirety of weather-weary Florida, while also reaching Georgia and Carolina before dawn on Thursday. Strong winds from the tropical storm extended up to 450 miles (720 kilometers) from the center in several directions as Nicole moved north through central Florida.

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Storm Nicole: Florida Residents Prepare for More Harsh Weather

Nicole’s wind damage was minimal, according to Princeton University climate scientist Michael Oppenheimer, but storm surges are more devastating than in the past as climate change melts the Earth’s ice and raises sea levels. This would cause more coastal flooding to flow inland, making a once-in-a-century event an almost annual occurrence in some places, he said.

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“This is definitely part of what’s going on,” Oppenheimer said. “It will happen elsewhere. It will happen all over the world.”

Officials in Volusia County, northeast of Orlando, said Thursday evening that building inspectors had declared 24 hotels and condominiums in Daytona Beach Shores and New Smyrna Beach unsafe and ordered them to be evacuated. County officials said at least 25 single-family homes in Wilbur-by-the-Sea were evacuated after being declared structurally unsafe by building inspectors.

“The structural damage along our coastline is unprecedented. He pointed out that it was unclear whether he would be able to return home safely.

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Tropical Storm Nicole is expected to bring heavy rains and winds to eastern Canada

A man and a woman were electrocuted after touching downed power lines in the Orlando area, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. According to the National Weather Service, Nicole also said that parts of the St. Johns River are at or above flood stage, and several rivers in the Tampa Bay area are also approaching flood levels, causing flooding inland. I got

All 67 counties in Florida are in a state of emergency. President Joe Biden has also approved a state of emergency for Florida’s Seminoles and ordered federal support for tribal nations. Many Seminoles live on his six reservations in the state.

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Parts of Florida were devastated by Hurricane Ian. Ian destroyed homes across the state and damaged crops, including his grove of oranges. It’s a disaster that many people are still dealing with. It also sent storm surges of up to 4 meters onto the coast, causing widespread destruction.

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Tropical Storm Nicole moves to Georgia after wreaking havoc in Florida – National

Source link Tropical Storm Nicole moves to Georgia after wreaking havoc in Florida – National

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