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Trendsetter Angela Kara-Home Trend Magazine

Being a mortgage broker is the best of both worlds, as Angela Chara has always loved real estate and financial planning! Some of her many awards are the 2009 Mortgage Professional Award, the Influential Women’s Award for several years in a row, and the 2020 best-selling author Pursuit 365. Angela is also the host of the mortgage show. The longest mortgage radio show.

Angela started her business at the age of only 22. One of Angela’s favorite parts of being a mortgage broker is that her business is free to her clients because she is paid through her lender where the mortgage will be placed. is. She is passionate about empowering Canadians. From her real estate investment and financial planning to insurance and business leadership, everything she recommends is exactly for herself. When it comes to business, every day is exciting and different.
But for the last two years, she has devoted herself to education and working with industry partners to lead the people she serves.

Angela Kara

Canadian Home Trends: Please list one in your bucket list.
Angela Chara: I want to go on a 6-week trip to Italy. Rent a huge house, have a few friends visit me, and explore more of my heritage with my husband, children, and best friends.

CHT: What is your favorite place in your house?
AC: The bathtub is a magical place for me! There are no phone or digital interruptions. I can just relax. When my two favorite kids talk to me uninterrupted, they hear a lot about their day, their feelings, their friends, their dreams, and their goals.

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Canadian Home Trends Magazine offers private tours of the most fascinating homes and condos across Canada. Inspire from accessible upholstery products, trend reports, simple yet stylish DIY projects and much more. Each issue introduces tools to recreate the designer space you dreamed of at home, thorough remodeling and design advice, a combination of color palettes and furniture, and the perfect place to shop in Canada.

Trendsetter Angela Kara-Home Trend Magazine

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