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Transactions – Are you abusing the use of signatures?

You learned about signatures and why signatures are used in blockchain.

As I understand it, I have a key pair consisting of one public key and one private key.

  • private key got used to sign Messages (transactions) can prove that the person who made the transaction is really you.

  • public key Indicates your account and is also used for confirmation issued signature.

So let’s say I have the following two functions:

sign(message, privateKey) = signature
verify(message, publicKey, signature) = True/False

What I don’t understand in this context is that if everyone has access to the signature, public key, and message (transaction), then anyone who doesn’t have the private key can use the same signature, message, and public key to do the same thing Please request again and again.

Let me give you an example so that you can understand the question better.

transaction block

My question is can I send using this same signature $15 any number of times 04d4… To 0451…If yes, then you can’t make another transaction because you don’t know the private key, but you can exploit this flaw to empty other people’s accounts.?

By the way, I have no intention of doing such a thing. I am a cybersecurity student interested in the security of blockchain technology. :)

Transactions – Are you abusing the use of signatures?

Source link Transactions – Are you abusing the use of signatures?

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