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Top tips to help your business become more energy-efficient

The rising business energy costs are now forcing business owners to adopt energy efficiency techniques for their business premises. The truth is that energy efficiency is now necessary for any business regardless of the size of the company. You can switch energy suppliers through Utility Bidder to help you reduce the energy costs. 

There are also several other ways you can decide to take to save your business energy. Reducing energy consumption can be profitable for small businesses. Effectively lowering your energy costs can mean that you have more cash flow that you can invest in salary increases, more advanced equipment, and many more. This page discusses the top tips to help your business become more energy-efficient. 

Upgrade the thermostat and hot water heaters

A smart device is not only for domestic use. A business can take advantage of this smart technology, especially if it’s a programmable thermostat. Remember that the thermostat doesn’t have to be a smart device to save on the energy bills. Installing any thermostat can reduce energy usage, but you need to program it. In this way, you can reduce cooling and heating costs during business hours.

Some businesses like manufacturing companies can use large quantities of water that causes an increase in energy consumption. Switching business water suppliers can help reduce energy costs, but it also makes sense to invest in an eco-friendly and energy efficient hot water heater.

This is a good idea for large businesses because you can install a water heater directly where you keep the old water heater tank. This can conserve energy because you don’t need to keep on heating large amounts of water during the day. 

It’s also worth considering the option of installing a solar hot water system. The water heating system can push the water through the solar-heated tubes. These options can make use of the piping insulation, which is usually affordable, but it’s an effective means of retaining heat.   

Use motion sensitive light switches

No doubt, lighting costs are often the largest contributors to the business energy bills. You can choose to install motion sensors for lighting so that your business can be more energy-efficient and they can assist your business energy bills. 

The best areas to install them include the areas on your business premises that people rarely use during the day. This can help you save energy because it prevents your employees from leaving the lights on if they are not in these areas. 

You can also maximize the amount of sunlight that gets into the business premises. The truth is that business owners and property owners need to prioritize this. You can make sure that there are skylight windows on the south or north side of the building. Skylights or operable windows can allow hot air to escape during the warmer season, so this can reduce the cooling load. 

You should upgrade lighting

LED lighting tends to be a popular option nowadays because it has less energy consumption properties. Therefore, if the lighting setup in your business premises requires an upgrade, then LED is the best option. Switching to LED lighting can reduce your energy costs significantly, making sure you save some money that you can invest in other areas of your business. 

LED lighting can also provide minimal heat, so this can reduce air conditioning load. Even better, LED lighting has a long lifespan, so you can reduce the replacement costs. Many LED lighting users agree that there is always an improvement in crispness and clarity of their lighting. Therefore, this can make your workplace more productive and pleasing to work in. It’s also a good idea to switch from traditional bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs that have a lower energy consumption. 

You should involve your employees

You need to encourage your employees to actively take part in energy-saving practices so that you can reduce business energy costs. The best way you can do this is to introduce competitions and office incentives to make sure that all your staff members get involved in the energy-saving practices. For example, you can send out emails each month showing the business energy bills. This helps the employees to have an insight into how much business energy they are using.

That said, there is also a lot of business energy that is used by electronic equipment when they are not in use. Some of these devices include clocks on the microwave or oven as well as lights that have a time. The energy usage may seem insignificant but they contribute a lot to your business energy bill. 

The best way you can reduce these electric loads is by simply unplugging the devices or setting up standby timers. Also, another energy saving method is to use a smart power strip to make sure energy is being used.


Reducing business energy consumption is not just about saving money for your business. It’s also a necessary strategy that can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

You show service your equipment regularly

The heating ventilation air conditioning can easily increase your business energy bills. With proper service, this equipment can also improve energy efficiency. There is evidence that suggests that a properly maintained heating ventilation air conditioning system can help your business use at least 20 percent less energy than a business that doesn’t service its system. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a maintenance plan in place for your system. 

It’s worth noting that you should always assess to find out how much energy the equipment is using. After doing this, you can determine whether or not you need to adjust or increase your maintenance routine. Equipment that is not properly cleaned or has some damaged parts can need to work harder to work. So they end up utilizing more energy. This is the reason why it makes sense to clean your equipment so that it can function properly. Also, you can make sure that the location of the equipment is right so that it can work efficiently.

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