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Top tips for buying and selling in hot markets

Throughout Canada, the housing market is very strong, with demand outpacing supply in most regions. Here are some tips for competing in the hot market.

  1. Understand exactly what you can buy! Please file your income tax as soon as possible. A mortgage broker or banker will want to see a two-year tax return and an assessment notice indicating that there are no unpaid taxes.
  2. Get the latest pre-approval for your mortgage. Fees are usually held for 90 days. This is the period during which the lender must buy and close the house in order to respect the charges.
  3. If you have a home to sell and you want to buy it too, it’s important to know if your mortgage can be transferred to new real estate and if there is a cost to do so. You need to know the amount to pay for the cost of selling and moving, the real estate agent’s fees. Finally, you need to know the equity available for your next home. This is called a seller’s net sheet and is very useful when using a spreadsheet program.
Hot market
  1. You should consider a price that is 10-15% lower than the top end so that you can buy first in the hot market and have room to compete in the negotiations.
  2. While you’re looking for a home to buy, understand your buying and selling strategy and work with a realtor to help you prepare to sell your home. Make sure your home is ready for the list before you start looking for a purchase, and always make sure with your lender that you can make an offer without the terms of the sale. please give me.

Shelly Smee, Integrity Real Estate Group, http://www.integritygrp.ca

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Top tips for buying and selling in hot markets

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