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Top Canadian finishers of the 2022 NYC Marathon

More than 1,000 Canadians were part of a line of 47,793 runners for Sunday morning’s NYC Marathon, which ran through five New York boroughs in summer-like conditions.Canadians have won several age categories and Quebec Pierre Bouley Leading the men’s 55-59 year old category, Linda Eng Winner of Ontario’s 60-64 Women’s Division, BC’s Diane Leonard First in 75-79 women. The 2022 NYC Marathon offered a non-binary category with prizes, but the Canadian did not participate. Here are the top Canadian results and age category winners:

top canadian men

Marcel Monjon 2:37:01
Olivier Sil 2:38:42
brain penny 2:39:46
Gerasimos Angelatos 2:44:28
Pierre Bouley 2:48:40
Antoine Moses 2:51:12
Patrick Nadeau 2:52:03
Gabe Kugelman 2:53:16
Jared Riley 2:54:09
Sylvain Edmond 2:54:41

Blaine Penny after the NYC Marathon.Photo: Instagram/Brain Penny

top canadian women

Kate Gustafson 2:52:42
Anne Johnston 2:54:05
Megan Strum 2:58:32
Cali Van Walpen 2:58:35
Megan Tate 2:59:12
Jordan Cota 3:00:45
Marie Courset 3:03:43
Alexandra Quimby 3:06:36
Veronique Leboeuf 3:08:23
Brooke Biggs 3:15:50

Top prize winners by age group

Men’s results

Ten. Antoine Moses 2:51:12

Five. brain penny 2:39:46

6. Patrick Nadeau 2:52:03

1. Pierre Bouley 2:48:40
3. Jan Adehest 2:57:04
Five. de he in 3:01:03

Women’s grades

9. Kate Gustafson 2:52:42

3. Anne Johnston 2:54:05

1. Linda Eng 3:32:30
Four. Diane Doyoung 3:40:04

1. Diane Leonard 4:46:09

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Top Canadian finishers of the 2022 NYC Marathon

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