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Top 3 Canadian Celebrities who are passionate about casino games

Gambling has become one of the most popular entertainment fields at the moment, especially online gambling because of its convenience and speed. One of the most popular games that make gamblers spend a lot of money is the casino. Nowadays, there are famous online casino websites that users can easily access to experience diverse games and win attractive prizes with a simple click of the mouse, such as clicking the link ignitioncasino.eu. Hardly anyone can resist the allure of casino games, and celebrities are no exception. Do you know any famous Canadians who love to play casinos? Follow the list below.

Pamela Anderson

Top 3 Canadian Celebrities who are passionate about casino games

Pamela Anderson was born in 1967 in Canada. She is an actress and a photo model known for her hot, wild style. In the 80s and 90s, Anderson became famous when he appeared in the issue of Playboy magazine. She is known as an actress whose career is associated with more scandal than fame, not only in the film field but also known to the gambling world for the noise she has created in gambling for money.

Not only that, she became addicted to casinos to the point of becoming a debtor to many major Las Vegas casinos, including a debt of up to $ 125,000 in 2007. Then, thanks to her beauty and charm of herself, she seduced the famous card player Rick Salomon and got him to pay off the debt she was carrying. Pamela is so addicted to poker that she has created a Facebook room BamPoker, where famous poker tournaments take place. There, she acts as a leader and uses her fame to make BamPoker Facebook more famous in the area.

Matthew Perry

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Matthew Perry is a name that is no longer a stranger to anyone passionate about the American sitcom Friends, where he took on the role of Chandler Bing – a sly guy and brought countless laughs to the audience. His career was very successful at that time and brought him a huge fortune, but Matthew Perry was not as lucky as other co-stars, his life went through many ups and downs when he got sick. sick and entered the world of gambling. He has never been absent from charity poker tournaments and professional poker tournaments. At the table, he is just as passionate and professional as any other player, but he doesn’t always win prizes. The ugliest image of his career is probably the picture of him playing poker until 6 am at a casino called Commerce Casino. This has led fans to assume that he is a gambler and rumors have suggested that he lost a lot that day at Commerce Casino.


Top 3 Canadian Celebrities who are passionate about casino games.jpg

Referring to the famous casino player, it is impossible not to mention Drake, his name in the gambling world is even comparable to his name in the casinos. With his huge fortune, he was once ranked in the top 5 richest rappers in the world, Drake spent a lot of money on casinos. Drake makes no secret of his love of gambling, in 2020 he spends a huge amount of money to buy a watch with a roulette dial, not only that, but he is also willing to invest to develop it.

Celebrities are also attracted to casinos enough to see their appeal. So have you ever tried playing at a casino?




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