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Top 3 African Blockchain Projects

mega tech

Megatech uses blockchain technology to help solve the energy problems of Africa and the world. MGT will provide token holders with financial rewards on company-owned solar power plants. The first sector, called Project Beta, is a 60MW solar power plant that includes 100MWh of state-of-the-art storage technology to maximize profitability and sell green renewable energy to blue-chip publicly traded companies at peak rates. secure the opportunity to have already signed offtake commitments;

Additionally, 40% of all monetary gains from this project and future pipeline projects will be managed independently by Trustee Directors on behalf of token holders participating in the performance staking program MGT (PTY) LTD Granted to the custodian company.

yellow card

Yellow Card was founded in 2016 by Chris Maurice and Justin Poiroux with the idea of ​​allowing domestic and foreign Africans to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using their local currency via bank transfer, cash and mobile money. increase.

The startup officially launched in Nigeria in 2019, has over 35,000 merchants, and is said to have processed over US$165 million in crypto transfers in 2020 alone. That same year, he raised $1.5 million in seed funding to expand operations into South Africa and Botswana and launch services in Kenya and Cameroon.

Yellow Card is the easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether instantly with no fees and the best rates.


Founded in 2014, Stellar is an established blockchain network aimed at “banking the unbanked”. This is especially important in Africa, where citizens still do not have access to core banking and financial services.

This is why Stellar is building infrastructure across Africa that will connect people to the financial system. That said, Stellar already has the network in place to facilitate fast, efficient and scalable transactions. For example, he takes less than 4-5 seconds to confirm a Stellar transaction, regardless of where the sender and receiver are.

Top 3 African Blockchain Projects

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