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This professor understood the style of the new semester

Hadiya Roderique shares the formula behind her perfectly put together outfit and shouts out her favorite Canadian brand.

(Photo by Kristy Vong)

“If Rihanna was a librarian,” he expresses his style. Hadiya RoderickDespite being an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Toronto Scarborough, she plans to return to school this fall. ), high-waisted midi skirt (this is from Vancouver-based Slow Fashion House) Harley Jae) and a splash of color and/or pattern (like this jacket by the Canadian brand) red sky). When it comes to fashion, the 40s are all about vintage, local finds, and community. “And getting to know the people behind the label is really special.”

Here, she shares the formula behind her perfect back-to-school style and shouts out some of her favorite local brands.

How would you describe your style?

On dating apps, I used to describe my style as, “If Rihanna was a librarian.” The first message from my partner mentioned it. Rihanna’s slightly edgier sister has a job, too, and I’ve heard the sassy librarian voice when I do her pencil skirt and silky blouse look.

Who are your style icons?

I am inspired by people who dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable in their own skin. We know anyone who feels they can conquer the world with their outfits. I love telling strangers on the street that I like what they wear. It always brightens my day when someone compliments me.

What are your closet staples?

I go to school and co-working spaces every day and am so happy to have a reason to dress up. When I was working from home, it was very difficult to find inspiration for outfits other than sweatshirts, and I used to wear flashy shirts whenever I had a meeting. Long-sleeved shirts and colorful knitted sweaters are the staples. I feel comfortable when teaching and I like to make things interesting with a pop of color.

High-waisted midi skirts are really versatile and can be dressed up with a blouse if you have an event to attend after school. Usually I tend to be more casual with t-shirts (radiohead or graphic feminist wordplay). I also like the big-brimmed hat mystery, but finding a hat big enough for my braids can be tricky. This is shocking and I get compliments every time I wear it. I also have a matching jumpsuit and a cloth face mask to complete the look.

I also love jumpsuits.I love to wear just one thing and get it done: he owns about seven jumpsuits from the Toronto-based label. hose atelier— perfect, very comfortable to wear.

What is your process when choosing clothes?

I usually wake up with an idea or a certain mood. Is the vibe today casual or are you a very fancy lady? In the past, I used to plan my outfits a bit more, or schedule my outfits for the week, but I’ve found that the weather and my mood can affect what I really want to wear.

You wear a lot of Canadian brands. What draws you to local designers?

I learned a lot about my style during the pandemic, and that’s when my love of Canadian fashion really began.I wanted to not only support local stores and designers, but also reduce my carbon footprint. During that time, I discovered a lot of great shops and brands. With so many talented Canadian designers, you can find anything you want or need here. Getting to know the people behind the label is truly something special. Plus, who wants to deal with shipping delays, lost packages, and customs duties?

This professor understood the style of the new semester

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