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This Is Caffeine Evolved — MuscleTech® Launches Two Exclusive New Pre-Workout Products Around Paraxanthine, The Canadian Business Journal

NEW YORK, NY & OAKVILLE, ON, OCTOBER 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MuscleTech® (www.muscletech.com) has returned TECH to its name and is poised to take back ownership of the hotly contested pre-workout space.

The internationally recognized sports nutrition brand, known for the past 20 years for innovative ingredients and products that connect active nutrition and human potential, launches groundbreaking, game-changing pre-workout products. announced a duo. The founder of ‘enfinity’ is reshaping the industry thanks to his exclusive partnership with Ingenious Ingredients.®Branded paraxanthine ingredient.

Two new products — EUPHORiQTMs and BURN iQTMsis now live and available for purchase through e-commerce retailers such as MuscleTech.com (here) and Amazon.® Suggested retail price is $59.99 (BURN iQTMs) and $49.99 (EUPHORiQTMs).Partnership with MuscleTech® Ingenious Ingredients Beyond Limitless® Paraxanthine means MuscleTech® In the near future, we will be the only supplement provider with access to paraxanthin.

“This is caffeine evolved,” says Sean Wells, co-founder of Ingenious Ingredients, researcher, nutritionist, sports nutritionist and formulation scientist at enfinity.® Paraxanthine. “Paraxanthine is a major metabolite of caffeine and allows for enhanced focus and energy when it comes to athletic activity and endurance.”

“The benefits of paraxanthine include all the benefits of caffeine without the backlash,” says Raza Bashir, vice president of scientific affairs and innovation at Iovate Health Sciences, makers of MuscleTech. says so.®“Consumers have been looking for a better alternative to caffeine, and this unique, cutting-edge metabolite is a major scientific breakthrough. A new formula powered by limitless power.”® Designed to deliver unprecedented results. ”

“Evolution waits for no one, and achieving peak performance requires change. That’s why MuscleTech® We look forward to introducing you to EUPHORiQTMs Pre-workout and BURN iQTMs Jarrod Jordan, chief marketing officer at Iovate Health Sciences, makers of MuscleTech, said:® brand.

about EuphorIQTMs: The smartest pre-workout for unrivaled performance.

Euphori QTMs A revolutionary upgraded pre-workout that offers an energy and sensory experience unmatched on the market. Powered by the revolutionary energy ingredient Paraxanthine, this formula delivers clean, smooth energy and improved focus. Available in Tropical Yuzu Lemonade, Watermelon Candies, and Icy Snow Cone Powders.

about barnikTMs: The smartest way to a shredded physique.

Burn iQTMs An upgraded, first-of-its-kind formula that delivers an energy and sensory experience unlike anything you’ve felt before. Powered by the revolutionary energy ingredient Paraxanthine, this formula provides clean, smooth energy, improved focus, and his Axivite.TMs bring heat. Available in powder (Mango Chili Lime & Sweet Heat) and capsule form.

barnikTMs EuphoriQ should be taken approximately 30 minutes prior to training or approximately 30 minutes prior to eating.TMs It should be taken 30 minutes before training.

EuphoricTMs and BURN iQTMs These were first published by Price Plow (www.priceplow.com) as part of an exclusive pre-launch campaign within Discord’s hardcore supplement community.®All including Ashton Hall, Michael Dean Johnson, Wes Beans, Ari Smeltzer, Abel Albonetti and Tyler Barenziah use their six- and seven-figure follower numbers to get the benefits of both products. Reveal, amplify and interact with consumers.

Also, the return of MuscleTech®is the first large-scale gym sampling program with over 200,000 samples distributed nationwide since the 2020 COVID pandemic (free samples available here). It also marks the first major advertising and media purchase in a long time for MuscleTech.® Brands looking to extend the formula for these milestones.

These new product evolutions join the recently released vegan-friendly MuscleTech® Launched in July 2022, Plant Protein is one of the most technologically advanced plant protein supplements in history.

25 grams of protein per serving of Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie with Vanilla, plus MuscleTech® Plant Protein contains 250mg of NordicCherry tart cherry to improve muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Optiziome P3 Hydrolyzer is a high-quality, scientifically-studied enzyme matrix designed to support optimal protein digestion and amino acid absorption.

“We go back to the roots of what made MuscleTech® It’s a great brand to begin with, a standard-setting and industry-changing formula,” said Bashir.

About Iovate Health Sciences International Inc.

Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. (“Iovate”) is a dynamic, cutting-edge nutritional company offering the world’s highest quality, most innovative and effective active nutrition products.Brand innovations such as MuscleTech®, Iovate is committed to becoming the number one active nutrition company in the world.muscle tech® Born out of an obsession to redefine the limits of science and human possibility.

With a commitment to research, development and innovation, MuscleTech® The brand is globally recognized as one of the industry’s leading sports nutrition brands and continues to be one of the elite brands redefining performance through cutting-edge products and high-quality ingredients.

Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, Iovate is a family of over 300 employees, with six leading nutritional brands and a growing portfolio of effective products that can be found worldwide. It offers.

  • MuscleTech Announces Burn iQ
  • MuscleTech Announces EuphoriQ

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This Is Caffeine Evolved — MuscleTech® Launches Two Exclusive New Pre-Workout Products Around Paraxanthine, The Canadian Business Journal

Source link This Is Caffeine Evolved — MuscleTech® Launches Two Exclusive New Pre-Workout Products Around Paraxanthine, The Canadian Business Journal

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