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The Re-Seasoning Coalition is launched to increase the proportion of black people within the food service industry.Canadian Business Journal

TORONTO, Sept. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, The Re-Seasoning Coalition (TRSC), a non-profit initiative aimed at representing Black Canadians at all levels within the foodservice industry, announced the Started with the support. Canada.

TRSC’s goal is to take meaningful action to address the inequalities experienced by Black Canadians in the industry. Racism affects everyone, but different groups experience it differently. Black Canadians in particular face significant barriers to success. They also address the impact of inequality to a higher degree than others, including seeking opportunities from organizations ill-prepared to support, retain and advance Canadians who deserve equality.

Through a series of interactive modules, TRSC assesses and validates the HR policies of participating companies and reconfigures them in line with anti-racism and anti-oppression guidelines to help participating companies attract and attract diverse talent. We aim to provide tools and frameworks that help Become the best-in-class brand of the future. Just as a good cast iron skillet needs to be reseasoned regularly for optimal performance, the Canadian food industry needs to ensure proper representation, talent retention, service delivery and innovation. must be readjusted to make it work.

Christian Buhagia, President and CEO of Restaurant Canada, said: “We look forward to helping companies achieve a more diverse, equitable and inclusive future.”

To launch The Re-Seasoning Coalition, the initiative partnered with Technomic, a consulting firm that specializes in researching the restaurant industry, to better understand the experiences of black guests and employees in the restaurant industry. . The findings shed light on important trends within the industry.

  • Canadian consumers recognize the need to practice diversity, equity and inclusion in the restaurants and food delivery apps they use, with 48% of Canadians saying it should be a priority , said 58% of Canadians ages 18-34. -Old also agree.
  • Black consumers are more likely to experience or witness racism at restaurants, with 69% of Black customers saying they have experienced or witnessed racial prejudice, compared to the national average of 51%. increase.When
  • Black employees are more likely to experience or witness racism in the workplace, with 50% agreeing with this statement compared to 29% of employees of other races.

For more information on The Re-Seasoning Coalition, register Upcoming webinars in collaboration with Technomic: “The Black Experience in Food Service”The conversation, which will take place on Tuesday, October 4, from 2:00pm – 3:00pm ET, will delve into the experiences of black people in the foodservice industry, discuss recent Restaurant Canada and technomic research profiling operators, employees, and more. Review the employee survey results. , and guest experiences regarding racism and anti-blackism. The webinar will also discuss how consumers expect foodservice organizations across the industry to evolve to become more equitable, diverse and inclusive.

For more information, the full report, or to become a member of The Re-Seasoning Coalition, please visit www.thereseasoning.org.


About the Reseasoning Coalition

Founded in 2020, The Re-Seasoning Coalition (TRSC) is a non-profit organization working to increase representation of Black Canadians at all organizational levels in the foodservice industry. TRSC Programming takes an interactive approach by partnering with businesses to provide them with more equitable, inclusive, diverse and empowering tools for the benefit of the revenues and communities they serve. increase.

For more information on how to participate, please visit www.thereseasoning.org.

About Restaurant Canada

Restaurants Canada is a national non-profit organization that advances the potential of Canada’s diverse and dynamic food service industry through member programs, research, advocacy, resources and events. Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada’s foodservice sector was a $95 billion industry, directly employing 1.2 million people and providing the largest source of first-time jobs in Canada, with his It served 22 million customers. Since then, the industry has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions in sales due to his COVID-19 impact. www.restaurantscanada.org

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The Re-Seasoning Coalition is launched to increase the proportion of black people within the food service industry.Canadian Business Journal

Source link The Re-Seasoning Coalition is launched to increase the proportion of black people within the food service industry.Canadian Business Journal

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