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The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, The Canadian Business Journal

TORONTO, September 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This Friday, September 30, 2022 is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation., commemorated by the federal government and created to honor the lost children and survivors of boarding schools and their families. The day seeks to recognize and better understand history and suffering, and to engage in actions that promote truth and reconciliation, both as individuals and as members of our communities.

Public participation is an important element of the reconciliation process, Culture Day is committed to commemorating and honoring this momentous day. according to, On September 30, 2022, Events Commemorating National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Including those who share Indigenous, Métis and Inuit experiences and perspectives and celebrate creative and cultural expressions of Indigenous peoples, stories and communities.

visit culture day National Day Resources for Truth and Reconciliation Learn how to participate meaningfully after September 30th.List on this page Exclusive event, organizations, resources, and learning opportunities related to National Day and Orange Shirt Day for Truth and Reconciliation.in the List of common events, the activity marking the NDTR is highlighted in orange. Users can also enable the “Truth & Reconciliation” and “Indigenous” tags to search for his September 30th and beyond events that explore diverse Indigenous arts, history and culture.

This year our national network has taken special inspiration from the leadership of our Saskatchewan partner organization, SaskCulture. SaskCulture has sponsored a record number of localities and communities his hubs across the state. Most of them are devoted to themes of truth and reconciliation and promote planned programs. Organized by indigenous artists, organizations and cultural groups.

Like many programs on the 2022 Culture Days event roster, the arts and culture public program provides a pathway to learning, awareness and cultural exchange. The strength and health of our community depends on direct connection and understanding. Through it, we can all embrace the vibrant diversity of our neighborhoods, towns and cities.

Reconciliation is an ongoing process rooted in action. Take time on this day (and all) to recognize and deepen your understanding of history and damage, explore the vast learning resources available, donate to support relevant causes and organizations, create and Participating in a led program is encouraged. Organized by First Nations, Métis and Inuit.

Culture Days 2022 is now running through October 16, 2022.

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About Culture Day
Culture Days has become Canada’s largest cultural event, attracting millions of attendees each year to thousands of free activities and performances hosted by artists, cultural organizations and local governments in hundreds of communities across Canada. The Culture Days program invites the public to get hands-on and go behind the scenes to highlight the importance of arts and culture by connecting communities and creators.

Culture Days National Office local partner A wide network of event organizers, from grassroots community volunteers to leading institutions. Culture Days is a leading national voice for active and positive cultural life, providing a variety of tools and skills development resources to promote cultural engagement. Culture Days is a registered charity. culture days For more information and to donate.

Financial support for Culture Day is provided by the Government of Canada through the Canadian Heritage Agency and the Arts Council of Canada. Culture Days is also made possible by the support of Pattison (National Out-of-home Media Partner), Cineplex Media (National Media Partner), CBC (National Broadcast Partner), and BT/A (National Creative Partner).

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The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, The Canadian Business Journal

Source link The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, The Canadian Business Journal

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