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The internet reacts to world championship medals

The medals for the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon have just been announced, and the internet is already roasting them.

According to World AthleticsThe medal is inspired by a cross section of a tree and has seven rings representing the seven regions of Oregon with the 2022 World Championship logo in the center. Opposite the medal is the marble landscape and white Art Deco facade of the stunning US public buildings, including the Oregon State Capitol. The outer edge of each medal also has a texture similar to that of a tree bark.

Photo: World Athletics / WCH Oregon 22

At first glance, medals look like what you get from Virtual racing or Lumberjack World ChampionshipAnd Twitter agrees.

Athletes in the Top 3 of the World Championships in each of the 49 athletics will receive these medals.

The 2022 World Athletics Championships will begin on Friday, July 15th and will run from Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon until the 24th.

The internet reacts to world championship medals

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