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The Elm Plaza developer will hold an informational meeting at Beaconsfield, Kew. – Montreal

Residents of Beaconsfield, Quebec, got a chance to see what the refurbished Elm Plaza will look like at a briefing Tuesday night.

The strip mall was recently sold to a developer who is proposing to turn it into a high density mixed commercial and residential project.

The project will consist of 115 condominiums or apartments and 14 townhouses with lower commercial units.

Gris Orange Consultants were hired by developers to conduct meetings.

“Citizens are given a questionnaire in which they complete a series of open-ended and multiple-choice questions, and the data is submitted directly to the city as part of the public consultation report,” said Gris Orange Consultant.

Some people in the area are concerned that the redevelopment project is not suitable.

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Elm Plaza in Beaconsfield, Kew.sold to new owner


A rendering of the Elm Plaza redevelopment.

Atelier Sharob Architects





Vanessa Angell lives near a shopping mall and fears that dense structures will bring more traffic to the area.

“We’re kind of a cut-through to Windermere Road to get to Highway 40,” Angell explained. “So if you add 140, 50, 60 cars, it becomes very dangerous.”

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The dilapidated strip mall was built in 1978, and while some would like to update it, they don’t want to replace it with a large-scale project.

“This is a residential area. People don’t want four stories,” said Ike Partington, who has lived near the mall for 46 years. “We are a bedroom community.”

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Decades-old Beaconsfield, concerns are growing about Kue’s future.strip mall

The project is in the very early planning stages, and Barrieau says construction is still about a year and a half or two years away.

The area has also been zoned for commercial use and the City of Beaconsfield should be rezoned for residential use.

Barrieau said developers should take public feedback into account, examine market needs, and then fine-tune their proposals before submitting them to Beaconsfield City Council.

“The city will look at submissions and look at reports to see if the comments and feedback it was able to collect from citizens were sufficiently integrated into the documents to process the files,” Barraud said. Told. .

The developer was at the conference but didn’t want to be interviewed.

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For Sale: Can Beaconsfield’s Elm Plaza be Converted into a Condo?

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The Elm Plaza developer will hold an informational meeting at Beaconsfield, Kew. – Montreal

Source link The Elm Plaza developer will hold an informational meeting at Beaconsfield, Kew. – Montreal

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