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TORONTO, November 9, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Toronto, Ontario – November 9, 2022 – The Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC) today announced a new survey conducted by the NPD Group among video game players across Canada. This year’s survey reflects the growing popularity of online gaming, with an increasing number of Canadians playing video games as part of a wider online community.

The growth of online gaming has created a community of connected players. 67% of video game players say video games help them make new friends and relationships. Video games resulted in 48% of players spending time with people they wouldn’t otherwise have, and 38% meeting good friends or spouses.

ESAC President and CEO Jayson Hilchie said: “The Canadian plays video games for fun, relaxation and stress relief. He is increasingly sharing the experience with his family and growing his online community of friends.”

Overall, 49% of adult video game players and 70% of children play video games most often with others, including an increasing number of parents and children playing together.

family games

As generations who grew up with video games become parents, they pass that love on to their children.

  • 74% of parents who play video games say they play video games with their children, a 9% increase over the past two years.
  • 69% of parents who play video games feel that video games help them spend more time with their children.

game advantage

The main reasons respondents play video games are for fun, relaxation and personal time.

  • 85% of gamers feel that video games help them reduce stress.
  • 84% felt joy.
  • 81% feel their cognitive abilities have improved.

player habits

The survey also highlighted some interesting statistics across the country.

  • 53% of Canadians have played video games in the last 4 weeks, averaging 7.9 hours per week playing video games.
  • British Columbia has the highest percentage of video game players, with 59% of the population playing.
  • Manitoba spends the most time playing, with video game players averaging nine hours a week.
  • 36% of adult gamers and 28% of teen gamers have participated in eSports in the past year. 70% of them see eSports as a career option.
  • For men, the group that plays the most hours per week is teenagers aged 13-17 (11.5 hours per week). Women aged 55-64 (8.4 hours).

For the full research and additional stats, see the 2022 Essential Facts report please look at. The survey he conducted on May 20 he targeted 3,091 people.th up to 31cent, Analyzed by ESAC’s NPD group in 2022.

About the Canadian Entertainment Software Association
ESAC is the national voice of the Canadian video game industry. Activision Blizzard, Glu, EA, Gameloft, Ubisoft, Kabam, Other Ocean Interactive, Ludia, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Relic Entertainment, Solutions 2 Go, WB Games, Square Enix, Take 2 Interactive, Codename Entertainment, Specific Affinity , and NetEase Games – ensure that the legal, regulatory, and public relations environment is favorable to long-term business development. For more information, visit theESA.ca.

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sauce: Canadian Entertainment Software Association

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The Canadian business journal that brings Canadians together

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