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The Best Restaurants to check out in Denver

Innovative forms of tourism are all the rage these days. One recent popular phenomenon is culinary tourism, in which travelers learn about new destinations through their food and some of the best local restaurants and bars.

However, this kind of trip is often hampered by tourist traps and underwhelming, expensive experiences. So it is of paramount importance to do a little advance research before visiting a specific city and its restaurants. One way for food-loving tourists to optimally plan their travel itinerary is to seek out popular and well-established food tours.

As we will see in this article, the city of Denver, Colorado, has become a surprise favorite among food and travel enthusiasts, and is now one of the favorite destinations for travelers looking to go on an adventure, including its delicious Denver food tours.


The quintessential burger bar in Denver is Cherry Cricket, one of the most popular establishments among visitors to the city. The food here is reasonably priced, while the burgers are tasty and come in generous portions. If you’re passing through town and aren’t sure where to start, this place is definitely worth checking out. Park Burger and Real Burger are other great options. In addition, Denver connoisseurs will tell you that the city has a considerable amount of excellent gastropubs, so it shouldn’t be hard to identify delicious Denver restaurants for food tours, where you can go to eat in style when ever you’re in town.


According to residents, pizza in Denver has dramatically improved recently. From Napolitan to New Heaven and Detroit style, from whole pies to slices, the pizza scene in Denver has improved significantly over the past few years. Local experts recommend checking out Blue Pan Pizza and Pizzeria Locale in particular, each for different reasons.

The latter serves Detroit-style pizza with a tasty crust, and is among the best pizzerias in Denver. On the other hand, the latter offers quick service, which can be a big deal when traveling and sightseeing, allowing tourists to eat well on the move. They say that once you try a slice from Pizzeria Locale, you’ll wish you had one in your town. Beyond these two establishments, pizza fans in Denver have a wide range of excellent options, including Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza, White Pie, Pizzeria Lui and more.


It may not be to everyone’s taste, but to those who know and love it, sushi may be some of most exotic and specialized food in the world. In Denver, if you’re on the lookout for the best sushi in town, most people will point you in the direction of Sushi Den and Izakaya Den, which are both excellent places to enjoy a tasty meal. If you’re in town for a little longer, and like to cook, experts also recommend signing up for sushi classes at Izakaya Den, as a great way to kill a few hours and make some friends while sampling some great food. It’s definitely an experience which is worth checking out.

The Best Restaurants to check out in Denver


It’s said that brunch in Denver first originated at Snooze AM Eatery, one of the most well-loved venues in the region. This establishment is all about serving fresh ingredients, and offeringa variety of new dishes, including vegetarian and vegan options. Another local favorite is Denver Biscuit Company, which makes all the components of its breakfast biscuits in-house – the biscuits, the gravy, the jams, the pickles and local honey butter… everything! – resulting in 100% food porn. Fresh, delicious cinnamon rolls and biscuits are baked as soon as you order them. If you have room for more, head on over to Four Friends Kitchen, another local favorite serving southern-style breakfast food. Be aware that these venue scan fill up quickly, so it is highly recommended that you plan and book ahead.

Asian Food

If you’re looking for some variety, check out Seoul BBQ and Hot Pot, whosemenu reads like the Cheesecake Factory of Korean food. Meanwhile Dae Gee, which has a few different locations around town, does the best Korean barbecue in Denver. If you are arriving from the coast, these establishments may not impress like their counterparts in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. But for anyone who’s never had the chance to try Korean barbecue, they represent a great place to start, due to their openness towards inexperienced diners.

Dumplings are another excellent choice if you are a fan of Asian food. The best places to eat them are Mason’s Dumplings and Seoul Mandoo, both located in Aurora and best suited for takeaway orders –the restaurants are small, but do an excellent dumpling if that’s what you’re craving.  Mason’s focus ismodern Chinese-style dumplings, while Seoul Mandoo specializes inhuge, Korean-style dumplings. If you visit the latter, we recommend ordering the fried Mandoo over the steamed version.

We have run through some of the most popular regional food groups in this article so you needn’t waste time before or during your trip to Denver. You can be sure of a warm welcome and an excellent meal at any one of these establishments, making your trip to the Mile High City extra rewarding. Enjoy!


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