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The appeal to Brandon McBride was denied. Allop cruised to the 800-meter semifinal.

On the fifth day, the men’s 800m caused some controversy to Team Canada. Marco Allop With a speedy time of 1: 44.56, he led all qualifying and advanced to the semi-finals on Thursday. Brandon McBride After pushing and pushing during the cut-in, he fell violently in Heat 3. McBride finished the race at 1: 57.43 due to a potential appeal, but unfortunately his appeal was dismissed.

McBride is from Jamaica Navas Ski Anderson Accidentally resulted in McBride coming into contact with the United States Blythe Hoppel And take a hard fall. After McBride was over, he called Anderson at the water station early on for the push.

“Everything happened so fast,” says McBride. “I was pushed first, then stumbled on someone’s leg and got off.”

When asked Anderson about the fall of McBride, he said: Always kick and push. This is my first world championship and I want to learn from it. “

In the media mix zone, Anderson apologized for falling to McBride. “I really don’t know what happened there, but I’m sorry,” Anderson says. “You know I’m one of the people I admire, and I’m really sorry.”

“It was a shock at first,” says McBride. “I protested and potentially wanted to finish the race to move on to the next round.” Team Canada immediately filed an appeal, but his appeal was dismissed.

It was a long way back to the McBride World Championship stage. Changed coach I have fought the injured over the last two seasons.

“I don’t know how I feel, but I’m still proud of my journey back here,” he says. “I came here to show off my fitness, but unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to do it.”

Canada’s Allop sets the fastest qualifying time in the heat

Allop won the men’s 800m heat 5 with a top qualifying time of 1: 44.56, moving up in the semi-finals tomorrow.

“It was a bit faster than I expected, but it was a good win,” says Allop.

Marco Arop speaks to the media after winning 800 meters in the Canadians last month. Photo: Athlepics.ca

A 23-year-old woman from Edmonton spent most of her first lap in lanes 2 and 3 to avoid contact with other runners. The puck passed 400 meters at a height of 51, after which Alop commanded the rest of Bell Lap.

“After seeing Brandon fall in the heat, I was trying to avoid a collision,” says Allop.

When asked about McBride, Alop said: I know how hard McBride has worked to reach this stage. “

Allop will begin the recovery process and prepare for tomorrow evening at 10 pm EST. He will run in Heat 3.

The 2022 World Athletics Championships will be held from July 15th to 25th in Hayward Field, Eugene, Oregon. Canadian running And ASICS Canada.follow me twitter upon Instagram For all of Team Canada and the latest exclusive news and content.

The appeal to Brandon McBride was denied. Allop cruised to the 800-meter semifinal.

Source link The appeal to Brandon McBride was denied. Allop cruised to the 800-meter semifinal.

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