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Six-century-old gold coin found in NL

st. Johns, NL-

A gold coin found on the south coast of Newfoundland may be the oldest British coin found in Canada.

Local archaeologist Jamie Blake says the coin was minted in London between 1422 and 1427. This is at least 70 years before the first documented contact between Europe and North America.

Brake said the coin was unlikely to have been in circulation, but said it would have been of considerable value at the time.

He says the story of how and why the coin ended up in Newfoundland is a mystery that he and his team are working to figure out.

Brake said the coin was discovered this summer by Edward Hines, a local man passionate about Newfoundland history.

He says the exact location of the discovery has been covered up to avoid attracting treasure seekers to the area.

“Amazingly old,” Brake said of the coin. “So it’s pretty exciting.”

This report by the Canadian Press was first published on November 9, 2022.

Six-century-old gold coin found in NL

Source link Six-century-old gold coin found in NL

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