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Shiba Inu Price Prediction – SHIB Loses 8%, Look At These 10x Alternatives

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Shiba Inu became famous in crypto after gaining 21,000% in two weeks. After rising like a meteor, the popular meme coin is struggling to make an impact.

At the time of writing, the Dogecoin Killer is on a bearish streak, experiencing an 8% downtrend over the past 24 hours. With a growing portfolio of fundamentals, there is still potential, but a value-minded investor can ask for 10x his choice in these promising crypto assets.

D2T (Dash 2 Trade)

Starting the list of Shiba Inu alternatives is D2T, the native token that powers Dash 2 Trade. The Blockchain Project is an initiative of Learn 2 Trade, a well-established trading signals provider, launched in October 2022.

Dash 2 Trade aims to give investors the insights they need to make informed decisions. In addition to this, the protocol offers crypto trading signals, market predictions, social analytics services, and even AI-powered market sentiment analysis. According to the core team, Dash 2 Trade aims to become the Bloomberg trading terminal version of cryptocurrency trading.

The social analytics platform also provides direct access to the latest pre-sale events as coin listings on centralized exchanges. This way investors don’t miss out on promising crypto assets in the emerging crypto markets. Users also have access to backtesting tools and automation features to test-execute their trading strategies before going live. Automation features also allow users to automate and streamline their trading strategies.

Dash 2 Trade has tremendous potential given the growing interest in the decentralized economy. Assuming analysts drive mainstream interest in digital currencies, investors will turn to data-powered insight protocols like Dash 2Trade to provide the insights they need to trade. increase.

At the time of writing, D2T tokens are pre-sold and are a bargain. So far, an early investor has bought this digital asset for a whopping $0.0513. D2T Token at the same time he raised $5.6 million. This indicates a growing demand from investors for burgeoning digital assets. Visit Dash2Trade.com.

IMPT (Impact Project)

Greenhouse gas emissions have increased over the past decade, and climate protection groups are calling on governments around the world to take drastic steps to reduce the potential impact of the climate crisis. One blockchain protocol that aims to make a positive impact is the Impact Project. Launched with a new generation of his Ethereum Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, the Impact Project has been called the greenest crypto in the emerging crypto market.

Blockchain networks are on a mission to make it easier for everyone to join the fight against climate change. The platform allows anyone to purchase carbon credits on the network. These eco-friendly credits can be burned into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a statement of users’ commitment to fighting climate change.

The mission of the Impact Project has not gone unnoticed. So far, climate-conscious companies have shown interest in environmentally friendly projects. Companies such as Apple and Adidas have promised to offer their services on the Impact Project’s shopping platform in the near future.

Similar to D2T, the Impact Project’s IMPT token is also pre-sold. Early investors can get their hands on digital assets cheaply at the current price of $0.023. IMPT also achieved double digits in the investment round. This eco-friendly project has generated $12.5 million for him in two investments. Visit IMPT.io

RIA (calvaria)

Another hot crypto ticket in the limelight is Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, a digital collectible card game. This online strategy game lets players assemble decks of the best cards and battle each other for the ultimate prize. Apart from this, Calvaria is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) model blockchain game. This gives each winner his RIA, a unique token.

Aside from the P2E system, Calvaria is free to play and offers users a fun and immersive experience with no cryptocurrency related utilities. Nonetheless, this isn’t all that valuable. Players who choose the free play mode also have access to physical goods and services, snap-up scholarships, and advertising opportunities. Its P2E option allows users to access her NFT royalties or commissions, betting on tournaments and matches, and NFT upgrades.

Calvaria is truly redefining the online strategy game ecosystem, and its RIA token will serve as a governance utility. This allows owners to vote on all network proposals, giving them a voice. Users can also stake RIAs to secure the network and earn more assets in return.

With so much potential, the RIA token is one cryptocurrency that investors should not miss. So far, digital assets are already in the fourth pre-sale stage. The latest investment round has already generated $1.6 million. Visit Calvary.


Rounding out this list of ten-fold potential Shiba Inu replacements is breakout meme coin star Tamadoge. It’s a P2E meme coin project that allows you to What’s even more interesting is that each digital pet is essentially an NFT with its own characteristics and characteristics.

Separately, the Meme Coin project features a metaverse concept called TamaVerse. Players can see, interact, run and explore the entire ecosystem in this virtual reality world from mobile or desktop.

Tadpole’s native token “TAMA” has already made its debut on the exchange and is attracting a lot of attention. According to recent announcements, this digital asset will continue its exploitation even after it is listed on his Gate.io exchange on November 10th.

The TAMA token has seen a big tailwind over the past few days, but it has seen its rally in the past day. At the time of writing, the digital asset is trading at his $0.029 and he is trending down 5.49% over the past 24 hours.Pilgrimage to Gyokudo

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Shiba Inu Price Prediction – SHIB Loses 8%, Look At These 10x Alternatives

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