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Shelby Houlihan loses her last charm

Twice American record holder Shelby HoulihanHaving been banned for four years after failing a drug test in late 2020, has lost its final appeal to Swiss federal court. Hurihan now has to serve the full amount of her ban and is eligible to compete again in January 2025.

News was announced On her Instagram. “From the beginning it was said to be a long shot,” Houlihan wrote. “The truth didn’t win here, and it’s devastating.” The 11-time US champion on the track continues to claim that she didn’t deliberately dope and that the ban was unfair. ..

Furihan in December 2020 Positive test for steroid nandrolone, And in June 2021, the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) gave her a four-year sports ban. After her ban was announced, Houlihan claimed that the contaminated meat from the burrito food truck consumed the night before she was tested had a positive result.

Houlihan sought a ban and tried to prove her innocence, but the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Supported the ruling To her, “The athlete’s explanation that her sample 19-NA is the result of consuming uncast boar meat is unacceptable. The explanation is a cascade of facts and scientific possibilities. This means that the compound probability is (very) close to zero. “

Houlihan GoFundMe page To help pay her statutory costs. In her last effort to overturn her ban, she appealed to the High Court of the Swiss Federal Court in late 2021. Last week, the court decided to dismiss her appeal due to lack of evidence.

Shelby Furihan at the 2020 Dempsey Indoor Classic

Houlihan’s name no longer appears Bowerman TC website But still a Nike athlete.Last month in Canada GabrielaDeBues-Staffford Leaving Bowerman TC After spending almost two years in the club, he quoted the confusion about Furihan’s existence and involvement in the club, despite being banned.

Shelby Houlihan loses her last charm

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