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SGI Introduces New Road Safety Campaign

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) has launched a new advertising campaign. SGI aims to promote road safety while addressing the problem of driving impairment in the state.

A new campaign, “Let’s get you home safe,” is an advertising campaign aimed at encouraging drivers to have a backup plan in case they become disabled. A 60-second video of him has been produced for the campaign, which debuted earlier this week, and will be shown on TV, online and in local cinemas. “Go Home Safely” is also featured in billboard, radio and newspaper advertisements.

“We hope this new campaign resonates with people,” said SGI President Penny McCune. Find a safe vehicle even if you haven’t made a plan for it.You can call your family and friends.The people who care about you may be injured in a driving crash or even Worse, I’d rather call a lift to wake me up than find out you’re injured.”

“Get Home Safely” is the latest installment in SGI’s “Stick With Safety” series and follows on from previous campaigns “Take Care Out there” and “Just Drive.”

The campaign also coincides with SGI’s November Road Safety Spotlight on Disabled Driving.

read more: More than 4,800 drivers were ticketed for this crime in one state in September – insurance company reports

Last month, SGI revealed that state police issued 4,887 tickets for various speeding violations in September. Insurance companies shared the information as part of an earlier road safety spotlight on speeding.

SGI Introduces New Road Safety Campaign

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