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Selena Gomez attacked Francia Raisa in ‘Only Friend’ drama

To Sarah Karan.

Selena Gomez appears to be clapping for Francia Raisa after commenting on a TikTok video about an apparent friendship drama.

Gomez is Taylor Swift her ‘only friend’ in Hollywood in a new cover interview with rolling stone.

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“I never fit in with a group of cool girls who were celebrities. Industry only friends really taylor [Swift]so I remember feeling like I didn’t belong,” said the “Murder in the Building Only” star.

The quote went viral on social media, and Raisa deleted the comment after replying to one of the posts as “interesting.”

Raisa and Gomez A friend of 15 years, When The “How I Met Your Father” actress who donated a kidney to Gomez in 2017.

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Following Raisa’s response, Gomez also responded.


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“Sorry I didn’t mention everyone I know,” she wrote in a comment on a TikTok video describing Stephanie Traige’s (@stephwithdadeets) situation.

Selena Gomez attacked Francia Raisa in ‘Only Friend’ drama

Source link Selena Gomez attacked Francia Raisa in ‘Only Friend’ drama

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