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School board deems dress code ‘responsible’ after Oakville teacher wears artificial breast

The Ontario Board of Education says imposing a dress code is likely to become a “responsibility” after images of teachers wearing large artificial breasts in classrooms went viral online.

The investigation was requested in September after a photo of an alleged Oakville Trafalgar High School employee was widely shared on social media.

The person in the picture wears a large, cloth-covered prosthesis while standing with the students.

The Halton District School Board (HDSB) did not disclose the context of the photo, only saying it was a “personal matter.”

A report submitted to the board this week says enforcing a formal dress code for staff carries a “significant responsibility.”

“Even if a dress code is enforced for non-discriminatory grounds, it may prove discriminatory if it adversely affects an employee or group of employees for grounds protected by the code. Superintendent Sari Taha and Director of Education Curtis Ennis wrote in the report.

“Finally, and most importantly, if employers wish to foster a culture of professionalism, respect, fairness and inclusivity, truly reasonable and non-discriminatory dress and grooming standards are Note that it is likely not to produce the desired result.”

The report also prepared to demonstrate that “gender-related differences” are “genuine professional requirements” or risk being viewed as discriminatory if the HDSB implements a dress code. He points out that it needs to be fixed.

Taha and Ennis also say policies should be neutral as they allow employees to express themselves according to their gender.

“Dress and grooming requirements that do not allow employees sufficient freedom to adhere to their religious beliefs and beliefs, or that lead to discriminatory treatment, are generally discriminatory and unenforceable. will be determined,” the report said.

“Policies that impose different grooming standards for men and women or impose additional burdens on members of one gender are often viewed as unenforceable.”

The review comes just over a month after Ontario’s Minister of Education asked the Ontario Teachers’ College to review its professional conduct code relating to photography.

Steven Lecce told reporters in September that while the state celebrates difference, he believes “the highest standards of professionalism must be in front of children.”

“On this basis, I have asked the Ontario Teachers College to consider reviewing and strengthening its professional conduct provisions which it believes will benefit all children in Ontario.”

The Ontario College of Teachers is the accrediting, governing and regulating body of the teaching profession. According to its website, they can issue, suspend, or revoke teaching credentials, set ethical standards of practice, and investigate complaints about members.

School board deems dress code ‘responsible’ after Oakville teacher wears artificial breast

Source link School board deems dress code ‘responsible’ after Oakville teacher wears artificial breast

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