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Runners who died in the PTL event of the Ultra-Trail du Montblanc

Brazilian runners as a team in the PTL (Petite Trotte à Léon) event of the Ultra-Trail du Montblanc fell to death, UTMB officials confirmed on Tuesday. In a statement released by the UTMB organization, officials said at 1:30 am CET on the first night of the event he had suffered an accident near the Refuge de Plan Glacier, in which the runner was seriously injured. said to be aware of A helicopter crew responded and later confirmed the athlete was dead.

Photo: Pascal Tournelle/UTMB

All athletes were tracked by GPS beacons throughout the race, with runners falling somewhere between the 36km and 40km marks. “The runner was with his team on official trails reserved for the PTL and marked throughout the year, between the Col de Torico and the Refuge de Plan glacier. ” UTMB official.

The 2022 PTL is a 290-kilometer event with an elevation gain of 26,500 meters. Competitors he raced in teams of 2-3 and in Chamonix, France he started running at 8am (CET) on August 22nd.

PTL Map UTMB 2022
Image: UTMB

Out of respect for the athlete’s family, the organizers have not released the athlete’s name.

in 2021 Czech runner dies after falling During the TDS, a 145 km race that is part of the Festival UTMB. The race was abandoned while a helicopter rescue was attempted, but it was too late. Athletes who were ahead of the accident were able to continue the race, but most of the runners had their races canceled and were sent back down the mountain to their former aid stations, where they were sent to shuttle buses.

This year’s PTL event will feature 105 teams, giving them the chance to decide whether to continue.

Runners who died in the PTL event of the Ultra-Trail du Montblanc

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