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Royalton Luxury Resorts raises cancer awareness and offers new spa services. The Canadian Business Journal

CANCUN, Mexico, Oct. 4, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As part of its commitment to social cause and raising awareness of breast cancer during the month of October, Royalton Luxury Resorts is pleased to announce the launch of a series of accreditations. , expand the spa catalog. We offer new spa treatments with a focus on oncology.this cancer care The certification helps improve the quality of life for cancer patients and will be available at the opening of The Royalton Splash Riviera Cancun, an Autograph Collection all-inclusive resort from December 2022.

Delivered by highly qualified therapists, the new Royalton Luxury Resort offers massage techniques that focus on the central nervous system and acupressure points to promote relaxation and reduce pain. This helps patients sleep better and reduces headaches, anxiety and chemotherapy-induced symptoms.

“Raising awareness and helping people living with cancer is a big step for Blue Diamond Resorts as a brand and company. and we believe it will be the beginning of a change in the way hotels think about spa services.” Manager of Blue Diamond Resort.

After a week of intensive training in Christine Clinton’s award-winning program, the new 1,005-room Royalton Splash Riviera Cancun will better understand conditions and chemotherapy-related side effects within the Royalton Luxury Resorts portfolio It will be the first resort to offer the service. at the Royal Spa.

Royalton Luxury Resorts’ cancer awareness efforts will be extended to the remaining resorts in the coming months as the most qualified therapists are accredited. This includes Blue Diamond Resorts’ various branded properties in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean, Planet Hollywood Hotels & Resorts, Hideaway at Royalton and Royalton Chic Resorts.

For more information on Royalton Luxury Resort services, please visit www.royaltonresorts.com.

About Blue Diamond Resorts

Since its inception in 2011, Blue Diamond Resorts has curated an impressive portfolio that includes 47 properties with over 16,000 rooms in 10 countries. Resort management companies have taken a proactive approach to differentiating their brands according to the demands of each market, catering to a range of budgets and interests, from elegant adults-only vacations to fun family getaways. . The award-winning All-In Luxury Royalton Luxury Resort offers signature amenities such as All-In Connectivity™, the Latest Sporting Events Guarantee™ and in-suite wellness elements. The adults-only sub-brand of Royalton Luxury Resorts includes Hideaway at Royalton. Hideaway at Royalton is an adults-only experience with fine dining and choice accommodations, plus stylish lifestyle resort Royalton CHIC, offering some of the Caribbean’s finest Located in a beachfront location. Jamaica’s Grand Lido Negril offers upscale luxury naturist getaways with secluded shores offering the utmost privacy for guests 21 and over. Memories Resort & Spa offers vacations designed to impress the whole family, and Starfish Resort offers guests incredible value in a convenient location. Planet Hollywood Hotels and Resorts invites guests to Vacation Like a Star™. In addition to engaging and interactive experiences, you’ll enjoy famous pop culture items from iconic movies, music and sports. A collection of boutique-style resorts, Mystique by Royalton offers a personalized getaway in stunningly beautiful locations filled with endless adventure.

For more information on Blue Diamond Resorts, please visit www.bluediamondresorts.com.
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Royalton Luxury Resorts raises cancer awareness and offers new spa services. The Canadian Business Journal

Source link Royalton Luxury Resorts raises cancer awareness and offers new spa services. The Canadian Business Journal

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